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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


4. truth or dare?

Hollys pov

'please come play. please.' Niall pleaded as i refused. no way am i playing truth or dare with these guys.

'you can be such a kill joy. come on, we use to play all the time.' Niall said as i shook my head.

'Erin's playing. so why won't you?' Louis asked as i shrugged. not saying a word.

'is it because of the last time we played when you had to.......' Niall began but i threw a pillow at him.

'Shut up Niall!'i yelled as he laughed. Harry got up and walked over to me.

'if you dont want to play, i can sit out with you.' Harry said as i shook my head.

'no it's fine. you go play.' i said as he shook his head.

'no, i wont let you sit out alone. alright' he said as i smiled.

'i guess i can play. i dont want you to miss out on the fun.' i said as he smiled.

'oh i see, i ask you to play, not gonna happen. Harry asks you to play and you dont even hesitate. i see how it is.' Niall said while i joined the circle.

'im sorry Nialler. i'll tell you what, me and you, Nando's tomorrow, my treat.' i said as he smiled. we began to play and Louis insited on going first.

'alright Erin, truth or dare?' he asked as Erin smiled.

'dare.' she said boldly.

'you dont know what you have gotten yourself into.' Louis said.

'bring it Tomlinson.' she said making us all laugh.

'i dare you to call Lottie and say you met Justin Bieber.' Louis said as she shook her head.

'no way. Lottie will kill me and you know it!' Erin yelled as Louis tossed her a phone. she made the call and all you can hear was screaming. when she hung up we all started laughing.

'alright, my turn.' Erin said as she looked around.

'okay, Holly. truth or dare?' she asked as i thought for a moment.

'truth.' i said as they all  booed me.

'ok, in this room, who do you have a crush on?' Erin asked but then my cell phone rang.

'sorry guys, i need to take this. it's Aiden.' i said standing up and walking to the kitchen.

'hello? Aiden?' i asked while i waited a moment.

'hey Hols. Hows it in London?' he asked as i smiled a bit.

'its pretty good. i dont know that many people here so there isnt much to do.' i said.

'well. open the door and say hey to me.' Aiden said as i ran to the door. there he was. tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes. still the same guy. still a bit scrawny to. i ran over to him and leapt into his arms.

'hey!' i said excitedly. he squeezed me as i smiled.

'hey.' he said breathily. it was so great to see him. then someone cleared their throat and i let him go. i turned and saw everyone looking at us.

'great to see you again Aiden.' Niall said while they shook hands.

i introduced everyone to him and Harry seemed a bit off. 'why dont we go for a walk?' he asked as i nodded.

Nialls pov

when Holly and Aiden left i pulled Harry aside. 'you alright man?' i asked.

'i really like her man. who is this Aiden guy?' Harry asked as i looked down.

'her ex. they broke up when we decided to move here. they didnt want to try a long distance relationship. im sorry man.' i said as he hit the wall.

'calm down.' i said as he nodded and ran up to his room.

Hollys pov

'so what brings you to London?' i asked as we walked down the street.

'you. i missed you. i didnt think this would be this hard.' he said as i looked down.

'we promised we'd move on to new people. just be friends though. don't get me wrong. i missed you to, but we promised each other.' i said as he nodded but stopped and stood in front of me.

'what if i moved here? then we can be together. are we really going to throw a year away just because of a move?' he asked as i looked at him.

'i dont know Aiden.' i said as he looked at me.

'its one of those boys isnt it? i can give you time to make a decision. just please, think about it. well this is my hotel. bye Hols.' he said before kissing my cheek and walking inside.

i walked back home and went inside. i didnt pay attention to anyone and just went up to my room. i wasnt sure how i felt. i knew i liked Harry a lot but i didnt think i was ready to give up on me and Aiden. i was walking around my room trying to figure things out when i slipped on something and fell. i dont really know what happened after that since everything went black.

Harrys pov 

i was sitting in my room trying to figure out what i was going to do about Holly when i heard a loud crash. it came from Hollys room. i ran through the door that connects the two rooms and saw her out cold, on the floor. 'NIALL! QUICKLY! GET UP HERE!' i yelled while i lifted her head and held her.

Niall came running into the room and saw Holly. 'w-what happened?' Niall said with tears in his eyes.

'i dont know. i heard a bang and came running. call an ambulance.' i said as he nodded and called.  he told everyone what was happening and when the ambulance got there we all went to the hospital.

'i guess i should call Aiden.' Niall said before walking outside to make the call. i sat there and shook my head while waiting for any news at all.


'whats wrong?' i asked as he looked at me.

'he's at a pub. he isn't coming cause he's at a pub. i cant believe him. i never want him with her again.' Niall said as i nodded.

'people for Ms. Hayes?' a doctor asked as i looked at Niall who was now standing. we followed by doing the same.

'Holly Hayes, Correct?' the doctor asked as Niall nodded.

'is she okay?' i asked as the doctor nodded.

'shes asleep. i will bring you to the room after i get some information about her.' he said.

'i will help as much as i can.' Niall said as the doctor walked us to her room. she laid unconsious in her bed. i walked over and moved her hair out of her face. her skin was so cold. she had a cast and a knee brace on. the cast was on her arm.

'she broke her arm on the fall and the fall was triggered by her knee problem again. it seems it has happened before. more than once?' the doctor asked as Niall nodded.

'can you give me her full name please?' the doctor asked.

'Holly Hayes-Charest. she took both her grandmothers and grandfathers last names.' Niall said. they continued to exchange information and i tuned out a bit.

when the doctor left i looked at Niall. 'what knee problem does she have?' i asked as he smiled.

'remember when i said she was fragil? well she can get hurt doing everything. she popped her knee cap out of place while she was walking. she's such a clutz.' Niall said laughing a bit.

'she's a lot like you huh?' i asked as he laughed.

'nah, we are really different. but she's not just my bestfriend. she's like my little sister.' Niall said as i smiled.

'literally little huh? she's so short. it's really cute though.' i said as Niall laughed.

'Greg and i use to mess with her all the time since we are so much taller than her. we looked right over her and acted like she wasnt even there. it was fun until some one got kicked in the shin.' Niall said as we both started laughing.

'she's something special.' i said as Niall smiled.

'yeah. i told the others to head home. take care of her yeah?' he asked as i smiled.

'i think she could be the one man. i really like her and dont want to loose her.' i said as he smiled.

'so she can change your ways?' he asked as i smiled.

'she makes me want to change them and never go back. now, i just have to win her over.' i said as he nodded. Niall and i ended up sleeping on the floor that night waiting until she woke up.

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