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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


7. stay

Niall's pov

I heard a small knock on my door so I opened it. Holly stood there looking very upset. 'what's wrong?' I asked as she walked in and sat on my bed. I knew something was wrong she never stayed quiet for this long.

'I have to go back to Ireland Niall. I can't afford to stay here anymore. I got fired today.' she said as I shook my head.

'let me take care of you. I can support you until you find something else. just don't go.' I begged but she wasn't buying it.

'no Niall. I cant have you take care of me. you've done it for so many years now. its time I grow up. so I got a ticket online and I'm leaving at 2:30am. no one else knows yet and I can't bare to say goodbye. you know how I am. I came here because I owed you this. I hope I'll see you really soon Nialler. I love you. please, tell Harry that I am truly sorry.' she said before she made her way out of my room. I was not going to let this happen. I didn't have much time but I had to figure something out and I needed Harrys help.

Holly's pov

It came time to leave and I really wish I didn't have to. I know Niall and Harry both said they could take care of me but Niall has been caring for me almost all of my life. I walked into Harrys room and saw that he was sleeping. I walked over to his bedside and kissed his  forehead as a single tear fell. I really, really hate goodbyes.

I grabbed my bags and got into the taxi that was going to bring me to the airport. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest not to think of what I was leaving behind. the driver seemed to take the longest root possible and drove in like three circles, but when we finally got there I paid the fair and went inside.

I was just sitting there waiting for my plane when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw Louis standing there in his pajamas. 'Niall told me what was going on and I came to try to stop you. can you tell me why you want to leave so bad? were we just that terrible to be around?' he asked as a tear fell.

'I love you guys. I truly do but I cant have people taking care of me and holding my hand all of my life. so if I can't afford to stay then I must go. that's how it must be Louis.' I explained.

'what's so bad about a little bit of help?' someone asked from behind me. I turned and saw Liam standing there.

'I have never been able to take of myself and if I keep relying on people I will never learn.' I said as he took a seat next to Louis.

'but what if you aren't completely relying on us?' Zayn asked as I shook my head.

'you guys aren't getting my point and if you three are here then the other two aren't to far away. I am going to go before you guys make me feel worse.' I said before I got up and began to walk away with my things.

'wait Holly. please, just listen?' I heard a girl say. I turned around and saw Erin now sitting with the three guys. I sighed and walked back over.

'Holly, there are two wonderful guys that think the world about you and really don't want to loose you. not only that, you have the four of us who want you to stay almost as much as they do. we can help you, but you need to let us. I get where you are coming from but I promise its alright to need help.' Erin said as I looked down.

'I cant. you guys wouldn't understand. its something personal that isn't allowing me to accept help. I'm sorry' I said as they looked down. I was holding back tears. it really was breaking me to see them like that.

'but I do understand. I want to help you through it but I cant if you are all the way in Ireland, Harry, he has never found a girl that he has cared about as much as he cares for you. I cant let you just leave.' an Irish voice said from behind me. I took a deep breathe and got up to face Niall.

'please Niall. don't do this. please.' I pleaded but they weren't going to give. strong arms wrapped around me and then spun me around to face Harry.

'please. just stay. I will do anything. please.' Harry pleaded as he looked into my eyes. something about him made me want to stay. between him and Niall, I couldn't say no.

'Niall. I wont take money from you. but I do need help finding work when I am healed.' I said as Harry smiled.

'wait does that mean?' Niall began as I nodded. he ran over and hugged me while picking me up. everyone seemed so happy.

'are you going to be alright?' Niall whispered as I nodded. I hoped I would.

'are we allowed to pay you back for the unused ticket and the cab that we had waste time so we got here first?' he asked as I nodded and felt him smile.

'um. can I have my girlfriend please?' Harry asked as I smiled and went to hug him. when that was said and done we all went home. Harry walked me up to my room and sat on the edge of my bed while I laid down.

'Harry? do you um, maybe, want to....' I trailed off. the only person I ever shared a bed with was Niall at sleepovers when we were five and now I was trying to offer Harry to lay down.

'are you trying to ask me to lay with you?' Harry asked with a small smile. I nodded and he chuckled a little before getting in beside me.

I turned over so I could face him as he smiled. 'why are you so far away?' Harry asked as I shrugged.

'I don't know. I'm just use to sleeping in this spot.' I said as he smiled while revealing his dimples.

'mind if I move closer?' he asked as I allowed him to.

he moved closer and wrapped his arms around me. he placed my head on his chest and we laid there for a few minutes.

'Holly?' Harry asked while breaking the silence.

'yeah?' I said as he began so trace circles in my back.

'I'm really happy you stayed.' he said as I smiled.

'you know, I am to.' I said before falling asleep.

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