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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


15. rough times.

Holly's pov

I was in so much pain while I sat by myself in my hospital room. my right arm was broken, my leg was badly cut and I hated hospitals. they make me feel so uncomfortable. the doctor came in to give me medication for the pain, and I had a question that I had been dying to ask him.

'doctor?' I asked as he looked at me.

'yes. how can I help you?' he asked as I took in a deep breathe.

'will I ever regain my memory?' I asked as he inhaled deeply. he took a seat beside me and looked at me.

'to be honest with you. we don't know. it may come, and it may not come back at all. I'm sorry.' he said as I nodded. he ran a few tests before leaving me alone once again. I sat in silence and tried my hardest to remember something. then I got an image in my head. I was running in the road and a red car was speeding towards me. when it hit me, I could actually feel the impact all over again. I let out a scream before I could see the room once again.

it was full of concerned nurses and my doctor, along with Harry and Niall, with Louis and two others. 'what happened Holly? your eyes were opened but we weren't getting a response. then you screamed.' the doctor said as I began to cry from feeling the impact again.

'I saw it, I felt the hit, the pain. it was all there.' I cried as the doctor examined me.

the nurses soon cleared out of the room and my doctor stayed behind. it took awhile before I had calmed down enough and could explain what happened, what I experienced. 'as bad as that felt, this is a good sign. this shows that you could possibly regain all of your memory.' he said as I nodded. he made sure everything was set before leaving.

'Niall? who are they. I mean the two I haven't met.' I asked as they looked at me with sadness.

'Liam and Zayn. Erin couldn't make it.' Niall said as I nodded.

'how are you feeling?' Liam asked as I leaned back.

'worn out, useless, like everyone feels sorry for me. I don't want you guys to look at me like you are. I am alive and I will recover. I just need time. don't treat me differently than you normally would.' I said as they nodded.

'Niall, did you call my family?' I asked as he nodded.

'your brother will be here soon.' he said as I nodded.

'and my uncle Joe?' I asked as he looked down.

'Holly?' a guy asked at the door. it was Chris. he ran over to my bedside and looked at me.

'you know, with as many times as you have been injured, I should be use to this sight.' he said as I laughed.

'shut it you.' I said as he laughed. it was nice to see Chris again.

he only stayed a few hours and left with the rest. I was told I could go home in the morning and I couldn't wait.

~the next morning~

when I woke up Harry was at in my room. 'morning.' he said as I smiled.

'can I go now?' I asked excitedly. he nodded and handed me my bag so I could get ready. it took a bit but I was finally ready.

'do you need help?' he asked as I shook my head. it hurt really bad to walk but I wasn't about to show it. maybe it showed in the way I walked but I wasn't going to let an injury hold me back. I made my way out of the hospital and to the car.

the drive seemed very short and when we got to what I assumed was where I lived. when I walked in I was in total awe. 'I live here?' I asked as I looked around.

'yeah, you, me, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Louis' sister Erin. we all live here together.' he said as I nodded.

'oh.' I said as I still looked around.

'do you want me to show you to your room?' he asked as I nodded.

my leg was in a lot of pain and when I went to step up onto the stairs, my leg gave out. 'are you alright Holly?' Harry asked as he rushed to my side.

'y-yeah. I-I'm fine.' I said as I went to get up but I couldn't. my arm hurt and so didn't my leg. I tried to get back up but I couldn't.

'Holly, you're bleeding through your bandages. let me help you.' he said as I shook my head. I tried to stand again but I couldn't. Harry picked me up effortlessly. he carried me up to what I assumed was my room and I had been crying the whole way up the stairs.

he placed me on a bed and walked into the restroom. he came back with new bandages, some water, and a few other things. 'I'm sorry but this may hurt a bit.' he said as he removed the bandage. he placed the cloth in the water and then cleaned the wound. it stung but I tried my hardest to keep still and quiet.

when he was finished he wrapped my leg in a new bandage. 'here, these are the pills that should make your arm feel better.' he said while handing me the pills. I took them and before he left I stopped him.

'Harry?' I asked as he stopped and he turned to face me.

'yes Holly?' Harry asked while waiting.

I tried to get up, but he rushed over and stopped me. 'stay in bed for a while. you need rest.' he said while sitting beside me.

'thank you Harry.' I said before I kissed his cheek and laid down. he smiled at me before leaving.

unfortunately, it was still daytime and I couldn't sleep. I wasn't tired enough to sleep.

'Holly? there's something I need to tell you.' Niall said as he entered my room.

'what's up Nialler?' I asked as he sighed.

'just watch this before I explain.' he said as I nodded.

it was a video of me speaking. I was stood at a podium and was wearing a black dress.

'today we are here to celebrate a person who was a big part of my life. he wasn't only my uncle, he was my best friend. he helped make me who I am and I will never forget all he did for me. he made me smile, if I wasn't, he made me laugh when I didn't want to, he never upset me unless I needed it.

I remember the first time he took me bowling. he told me, the key to a great game, is to have fun with it. he said that the game should be an escape for me. something that would always remind me of him. he showed me the one thing that always made me happy.

the best memory I had with him, had to be the day he introduced me to my best friend Niall Horan. we were at a park and we were on the swings. Niall looked bored so my uncle asked if he wanted to play tag with us. after that, Niall and I were inseparable. we wouldn't even leave the park until they promised we could hang out again. I may have never even spoke to Niall if it wasn't for him.

I will hold these memories in my heart forever. he was so special to me. he taught me that if you aren't having fun, it just isn't worth it. unless its school, as he always told me. this is my final goodbye to  my best friend, my godfather, and my uncle Joe. I will hold you forever in my heart and I will never let you go.'

I was crying by the end and then the video stopped. I looked at Niall and shook my head. 'no, Niall. please tell me its not true.' I said as he looked down.

'it is. I'm so sorry Holly.' he said as I felt tears start to fall.

'w-when?' I asked as I looked down. he held me in a tight hug like he use to when we were really little.

'last year. it was very hard on both of us. I am so, so sorry.' he said as I shook my head and stood up.

I grabbed my bag and slowly and painfully made my way down stairs. I got a cab and had them bring me to the only place I could think of going.

Harry's pov

I sat in my room, just looking at the wall. then Niall came into my room and looked at me. 'she took off. I don't know where she would have gone. she is still injured and what if she makes it worse unintentionally? please help me find her.' he said as I jumped up. I knew exactly where she would be.

I drove to the nearest bowling alley and sure enough, when we got inside, she was sitting at one of the tables. I walked over to her and sat beside her. Niall was sat on the other side. 'I know that it isn't easy to deal with but, it gets better. you got better before and we can get through it again.' Niall said as she looked up and nodded.

'can we get you home now. you look like you need your knee brace.' I said as her eyes widened.

'oh, no, you know about that thing?' she said as I nodded and she shook her head. we got up to leave but she stopped me from going.

'Harry. my leg really hurts. do you think you could um...' she started as I smiled. I lifted her and carried her to the car. she had her head buried in my neck the whole time. I liked this. maybe, just maybe, I have another chance to start over with her.

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