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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


3. oh, brother

Hollys pov

i woke up the next morning to Harry smiling at me. 'morning.' Harry said while smiling. i smiled back before sitting up. the sun was shining through the window and letting a comforting heat into my room.

'morning. what time is it?' i asked as he looked at his watch.  he laughed a little before showing me. it was five minutes until twelve.

'man, i am so late. Chris is gonna kill me.' i said jumping out of bed. i grabbed clothes and ran to my bathroom and quickly got ready. when i came out Harry was still there.

'who's Chris?' he asked as i rushed to gather my things.

'my brother. i start work for him today. that's how im able to stay here. Niall said he could cover everything for me. i told him i couldn't let him do that. i can handle myself.' i said as Harry smiled.

'let me drive you.' Harry said as i nodded and we headed out.

'i like how independent you are.' Harry said after we were in his car. i turned my head and blushed slightly.

'thanks. i've always been this way actually.' i said while looking out the window. we pulled up to my brothers work building and i thanked Harry for the ride before running inside.

'you're late. now i'm late for a meeeting. you need to start trying to work harder. this is not a good start.' Chris said as i nodded and followed him. i was starting as his asistant.

'Mr. Adams, i'm sorry. my sons sitter didn't show and i have him today, do you mind?' a lady asked as she held her baby.

'that's fine. if you want i'm sure my asistant could take him during the meeting.' Chris said as i nodded.

'would you mind? it would make this a lot easier. his name is Jaxon.' she said handing me the baby. i smiled and left the room.

'hey little guy. hows it going?' i asked as he started laughing.

he yawned and i smiled. 'so you're tired huh? want me to sing you to sleep? would that help?' i asked as he smiled.

'how about a song my aunt use to sing to me? hows that sound?' i asked as he smiled.

'you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy, when skies are grey. you never know dear, how much i love you. so please dont take, my sunshine away. the other night dear, as i lay sleeping, i dreamt i held you in my arms. when i awoke dear, i was mistaken, so i hung my head and i cried. you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy, when skies are grey. you never know dear, how much i love you. so please dont take, my sunshine away.' i sang and when i looked down he was asleep.

'wow, you have a beautiful voice. i can never get him to sleep that easily. thank you.' his mom said while taking him.

'it wasnt a problem. have a wonderful day.' i said as she smiled and left.

'wasnt that aunt Linda's favorite song?' Chris asked as i nodded.

'yeah, it helps people to sleep.' i said as he smiled.

'you miss her, yeah?' he asked as i nodded. he pulled me into a hug.

'she practically raised me, her and uncle Joe. now they are both gone. it's like i have no one. you moved here when i was fifteen. i never got to see you. it's like i only had Niall. you know how caught up in kayla and the baby. what was i suppose to do?' i said as he held me tighter.

'i'm sorry. i didnt want to leave you. but i had this amazing chance and i had to follow my dream.' he said as i nodded.

'it's fine. i'm proud of you for that. but it was hard for me. it's good to have you back with me though.' i said as he smiled.

'well, it's quiting time. i'll see you on time tomorrow.' he said as i nodded and left. i began walking home and then the rain began to fall.

i was soaked head to toe and i couldnt see a thing with the wind making the rain worse. i sat on the sidewalk. i was so fustrated.

'you're gonna get sick. get in!' Harry yelled from  his car. i smiled before getting in.

'thanks. i would have sat there until the storm passed.' i said as he laughed.

'Niall said you were stubborn.' he said as i laughed.

'so how long have you known Niall?' Harry asked while he drove.

'about four years now.' i said as he nodded.

'wow. long time.' Harry said as i nodded.

'so what do you guys do in this type of wheather?' i asked out of curiosity.

'just play a game of truth or dare.' Harry said as i shook my head. oh, brother.


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