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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


16. mother's day let downs and new starts

Holly's pov

'hey mum.' I heard Niall say. he flew his mum here to celebrate mother's day. I was sat in my room just looking at my phone. debating on if I should call her or not. I never really got along with my mother and I haven't talked to her in three years.

'where is she?' I heard Maura ask. she has always been like a mother to me. she always made me feel like a part of her family.

'in her room. come on.' he said. I could here them walking up the stairs but my eyes were glued to my phone. it did bother me that I haven't spoken to my mum in three years. it was the worst feeling in the world actually. but I was so convinced that she didn't want to speak to me.

'Holly?' Maura asked as I just kept looking at my phone.

'hi mum.' I said as I felt her sit next to me. she wrapped me in a hug and looked at my phone with me.

'you should call her.' she said as I sighed.

'happy mothers day.' I said as I turned my attention to her. she smiled and Niall was stood in the door.

'mum, as happy as you are to see Holly. we should get going. we have lunch plans with the guys and their mums.' Niall said as she looked at him.

'and why isn't Holly coming?' she asked with a raised eyebrow.

'I asked but she didn't want to go. she isn't comfortable around the guys anymore. I will explain that later though.' he said as she nodded before they both left.

I finally decided to call my mum. 'hello? mum?' I asked after she answered.

'hello? Holly? is- is that you?' she asked as I smiled.

'yeah mum. it's me.  happy mothers day.' I said and I could hear her crying.

'mum, please don't cry.' I said as I tried not to myself.

'Holly, I was going to come see you. I'm leaving in a couple hours. I have to go alright. I love you.' she said.

'I love you too.' I said before hanging up. so for the first time in three years, I was gonna see my mum.

Niall's pov

after lunch we all went for a walk around London. but then my phone began to ring. 'hello?' I asked after I had answered.

'Niall?' a familiar voice asked.

'yes, this is Niall here.' I said.

'this is Holly's mum. I was suppose to fly there to see her and I had already talked to her and told her, but there is a storm here and my flight has been canceled. I wont be able to make it. can you please tell her that I'm sorry.' she said as I sighed.

'yeah, sure thing. bye.' I said before hanging up. she was going to be devastated. we made our way home and I had to tell her.

'oh, hey Niall. guess who's coming?' she said as I looked down.

'about that. your mum can't make it. Holly I'm sorry.' I said as she looked down.

'no. it's fine. you, go back and celebrate with your mum. I'm just gonna go for a walk.' she said as she got out of bed and began to walk out.

Harry's pov

I was in the living room with all of the mums and the lads. Niall had to go upstairs and tell Holly something so his mum was just conversing with the rest of us. but then I saw Holly making her way down the stairs with Niall behind her. 'Holly, are you sure you want to go for a walk. if you're upset I can help. just tell me.' he said as she shook her head.

'no Niall, I am fine. I will be back later.' she said as she walked out of the house and shut the door in Niall's face.

'is that the girl?' my mum asked as I nodded.

'so go after her. she is obviously upset.' my mum said as I nodded and thanked her for allowing me to go.

I ran out the door and saw Holly sitting on the pavement. she didn't go very far. when I got closer I saw that her bandage was torn and the cuts on her leg looked worse. she was looking at her hand and I could see that she was trying to move her pointer finger but couldn't. it was on the same hand that was attached to her broken arm.

'Holly, what happened?' I asked as she looked up.

'I tripped. my bandage ripped and my leg got cut and my finger really hurts.' she said as I picked her up. I carried her into the house and up the stairs, my mum was close behind, along with everyone else following.

'mum, put a towel on her bed please.' I said as she nodded. she did as I asked and I placed Holly on it.

'can you get the new bandages and water please?' I asked as Maura got the things I needed.

'um, can you guys get out of the room, please? she looks uncomfortable.' I asked as politely as possible.

they all agreed and left the room. I cleaned her leg up again before I re-wrapped it. 'thank you.' she said as I smiled.

'I'm not done yet. your finger, I remember you couldn't move it outside. let me see.' I said as she held out her hand.

I moved it a little and she cringed in pain. 'it looks sprained. I have a thing for it.' I said before I ran to my room. after I found it I carefully out it on her finger and sat beside her for a moment.

'so, why were you upset?' I asked as she looked at me.

'my mum, she was suppose to be here. I haven't seen her in three years.' she said as I looked at her.

'oh.' I said as she nodded.

'you should get back to your mum. she seems very kind. she deserves an amazing mothers day with her son.' she said as I smiled.

'I will be back later on okay?' I asked as she smiled and nodded before I left the room.

Holly's pov

after Harry left, I decided to think about some things that I hadn't thought about. but then the scenes returned. I was running from something. fear was written on my face. I had bumped into someone and hid my face in their chest. 'they're gone.' they said as I looked up. it was my cousin Allan. I noticed that I was seventeen again.

'your mom is waiting in the parking lot. you see, I knew you couldn't handle haunted houses. you never could handle scary things.' he said as he walked me to my mums car.

when the car came in sight it brought me back to the incident. 'Holly! Holly wait! Watch out!' I could actually hear Harry yelling to me. then the car hit me, again. it went further this time. I could hear people talking. they were saying that I was loosing a lot of blood. then I was back in my room with tears streaming and my heart beating fast.

'Holly!' Harry yelled with concern as he ran into my room. I was still crying and he ran to my side. he wrapped me in his arms and rubbed my back as I cried into him.

'I saw it again. I felt it again. Harry, I don't want to keep reliving this.' I cried as he rubbed my back.

'I know. but it will get better. I promise.' he said as I pulled away and looked at him. he looked me in the eyes and then down at my lips. before I knew it, our faces were inches apart. he looked at me and seemed very unsure of what I wanted so I closed the space and kissed him.

as soon as our lips touched, everything came back. all at once and it was way to much to handle. I pulled away and began to cry, very, very hard. 'I am so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I am so, so sorry.' Harry said as I shook my head.

'no, I remember, everything. it just all came back at once. it's a lot to take.' I said as his eyes widened.

'you remember?' he asked as I nodded.

'you remember! guys she remembers!' he yelled with happiness. everyone came running in with smiles and wide eyes.

'I should text Justin. let my best friend know that I remember. I-I need to talk to Harry though. in privet please.' I said as they nodded and left.

'Harry, you took care of me, you cared for me, even though I didn't remember anything. why?' I asked.

'because, I-I think I may love you. I just wish you would feel the same way.' he said as I smiled.

'what if I do?' I asked as he looked at me.

'where would that leave us?' he asked as we both looked down.

'I-I want to try again.' I said as he looked at me confused.

'I mean, I want to try, us, being a couple again. if you want to.' I said as he smiled.

'that would be amazing. my mum left. but maybe the three of us could go out to eat tomorrow.' he said as I smiled.

'I would love that. but um, could you maybe, uh..' I began. I have no clue why it was so hard to ask him to stay with me. its not like we haven't stayed together before.

'I think its adorable that you still feel weird about asking me to stay with you. but I would love to. I'll just go get ready for bed and I will be back.' he said as I smiled.

I was so happy to have Harry back by my side. that's what I needed, he's what I needed.

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