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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


21. Lenny

Harry's pov

I was laying in bed when Holly walked back into the room. 'hey, I thought you were sleeping.' she said as sat up and opened the drawer. I pulled the picture out and looked at it.

'can you tell me about Lenny?' I asked as she sat beside me. she looked at the picture and then at me.

'you really want to know about Lenny?' she asked as I nodded.

'yes. I promise you that what ever you say, I'll be fine with it.' I said as she looked down at the picture. 

'you saw the back, and the texts?' she asked and I nodded once again, willing her to continue.

'well. me, him, and Niall use to hang out together and he was one of my best friends. Niall got a girlfriend when we started high school and I didn't see him that much. so then it was just me and Lenny. we ended up hanging out, eating out together and he helped me through a lot. we dated for almost two years. then he got an amazing opportunity to move to the states with his mum and he took it. he wouldn't tell me when he was leaving, but he spent everyday until the day he left. but when he left he never said goodbye. we decided that when he did leave we would end it. he was my first love and he still is one of my best friends.' she said as she looked down at the picture. a single tear fell onto the picture before she put it down and got up.

she walked out of the room and I of course, followed. 'hey! Holly! wait please!' I yelled after he. she didn't stop and I had to run to catch up.

I pulled her into my chest and turned her around to face me. 'why are you walking away from me?' I asked as she looked down.

'I really miss him but I feel bad because I shouldn't  be thinking about someone else. I don't deserve you. I'm sorry.' she said as she continued to look down.

'don't say that. I understand. he was a major part of your life and you miss having him around. don't cry.' I said as I wiped the tears off her cheeks. it hurt to see her cry. I just wanted to take what ever pain she felt away.

'do you still want to sleep?' she asked as I smiled.

'alright, come on.' I said as she smiled. we went to our room and got ready to go to sleep. we laid down and I held her close to me. I stroked her hair and sang to her until she fell asleep. 

while I laid there I heard the doorbell ringing. I carefully got up and walked to the door. I opened it and saw a guy with brown hair and blue eyes. 'hey, um, I was told that this is where Holly lived. is she here?' he asked. honestly I was half asleep and couldn't tell who it was.

'um, sorry but  who are you?' I asked sleepily. he smiled and then it clicked. the guy from the picture.

'my name is Lenny.' he said as I invited him in. I had to keep relaxed because I couldn't get jealous again. he took a seat on the couch and we talked for a bit.

'babe? why did you get up?' Holly asked tired as she walked into the living room. then she noticed who I was sat with. he stood up and they were both speechless for a while.

'Len?' she questioned, thinking she must still be asleep.

'Hol.' Lenny breathed as she ran to him and leaped into his arms. they held on for a bit before letting go. she smiled the same smile as she had in the picture.

'I promised you that if I was ever in London I would look you up.' he said as she smiled. I coughed while awkwardly standing there. their attention turned to me.

'Lenny, this is my boyfriend Harry, Harry this is Lenny.' Holly said as I nodded.

'so this is the boyfriend. well mate, I'm happy that you helped her move on. thanks for taking care of Hol. she's something special.' Lenny said as I smiled.

'yeah, she really is. I truly love her.' I said as she smiled. it was one of those smiles, to me this time.

'I love you too.' she said as she walked over and I kissed the top of her head as she hugged me.

'that's all I needed to hear. I best be going now.' Lenny said as he started for the door.

'wait, what do you mean?' Holly asked as she followed him.

'I came here to make sure you were doing okay, make sure you had someone you truly loved and who truly loved you. I needed to be sure you would be okay. if you're ever in New Hampshire look me up okay?' he asked as he hugged her. he rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

'at least I get a goodbye this time. but I will miss you so much. I'll be sure to stop by when I go back to the states. love you Lenny.' she said as she let him go.

'love you too Holly. I'll keep in touch. goodbye.' he said before he left. she watched as he slowly disappeared in his taxi.

'you okay?' I asked as wrapped my arms around her. she nodded and slowly shut the door. she turned to face me and gave me that amazing smile. the one I only seen her give Lenny.

'I got to say goodbye. that's all I ever wanted. I'm okay.' she said as I smiled. she was a truly amazing girl. she was the girl that I loved.

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