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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


20. lazy but fun days 2

Holly's pov

 I never did get my phone back but I guess its for the best. We were sat in the living room after breakfast and then saw Erin and Liam walk into the room. 'Please Liam. I will love you forever.' Erin begged as Liam shook his head.

 'I don't want your brother coming home after a party and wandering into my room.' Liam said as Erin pouted.

'Do you know how uncomfortable it is having your boyfriend stay over with your brother right next door with a connecting doorway? 'Erin asked as Liam smiled.

 'I wouldn't know the feeling, I have never had a boyfriend.' Liam said before he kept walking.

 'Maybe I should swap rooms with her.' I said as Harry shrugged.

 'Wait. What if I need a cuddle. Erin isn't as good of a cuddle as you are.' He said pouting a bit.

 'So. We can just share a room from now on, yeah?' I asked as he smiled.

'You want to?' He asked as I smiled and nodded.

 'Yeah. Absolutely we practically shared one anyways.' I said as he smiled.

 'Erin stop bugging Liam and come here.' I yelled as she slowly walked into the room.

 'What's up?' She asked as I smiled.

 'I'll switch rooms with you.' I said as she smiled and then looked at Harry.

 'No thanks. Harry's a cuddler and he always complains that he doesn't like cuddling with me.' She said as I laughed.

 'Since when do you two cuddle?' I asked as he laughed.

 'After parties but in my defense I was never exactly sober.' Harry said as I laughed.

 'No need to worry. He's moving into the room with me.' I said as she smiled and thanked me.

 'So now what are we gonna do?' I asked as Harry shrugged.

 'We can go pack your stuff and get ready to move it. ' he said  as a suggestion.

 'Alright, let's go.' I said ad I pulled him up the stairs and to my room. When we were in there we got the suitcases I had used to move here with to put all of my clothes and shoes in.

 'Alright Harry. Go pack your stuff. I can finish here.' I said knowing exactly what was left to pack.

 'Not fair.' He said as I smiled.

 'You took my phone so yeah, fair isn't an option.' I said as I pushed him out of my room. I closed the door and finished packing my stuff. After I was finished I knocked on Harry's door and he opened almost immediately .

 'Hey, you finished?' he asked as I nodded. He smiled and pulled his stuff out of his room.

 'Hey guys. Do you want to switch rooms now cause my stuff is ready to go.' Erin said until she saw us pulling our stuff out of our rooms.

 'We were just coming to ask you the same thing.' I said as she smiled and helped me bring my stuff down.

 'Why does she get help and I don't?' Harry asked as I laughed a little bit.

 'Cause she likes me more.' I said as he smiled.

 'Well that makes sense.' He said as I smiled. we finished moving everything and Harry and I were laying in bed not doing anything.

 'we should get up.' I said as he shook his head.

 'No, we shouldn't. Babe, I'm tired.' He whined as I smiled.

 'We have to unpack everything.' I said as he looked at me.

 'Tomorrow. Please.' He pleaded as I shook my head.

 'Its either you go fix things with Niall or we unpack.' I said as he pouted. Niall and Harry haven't spoken since the argument and neither of them are even trying to fix things.

 'Please. Can we just stay in bed? Please?' He asked as I looked down. I shook my head and went to get up. He held me down by my waist as I began to laugh.

 'You can stay in bed. I'll unpack.' I said as pouted again. I got up and began to put my stuff away. I hung up pictures and put everything where it belonged.

 'You want me to unpack your stuff too?' I asked as he nodded. He was watching me the whole time too. Weirdo. he was laughing as I tried to put something away but couldn't reach to put it there. He got up and did it for me.

'who's this in the picture with you?' Harry asked as he helped put up picture frames.

'no one.' I said as I took the frame from him and placed it in a drawer. we continued to hang up pictures and then I found the scrapbook I had made with Niall which had pictures from the years we had spent together.

'come look at this.' I said as he walked over and sat beside me. we went through all the pictures and laughed at every memory they contained.

'did you guys ever date?' Harry suddenly asked as I shook my head.

'no, but everyone thought we did or were. we were just always great friends. our parents told us that they saw us getting married one day. I don't think so though. he has always just been there for me and I've been there for him.' I said as he nodded.

'well what now? we finished putting everything away.' Harry said as I shrugged.

'bedtime?' he asked as I shook my head.

'you are so lazy. you go to bed, I'm gonna go hang out with Niall. later Harry.' I said as I kissed his cheek and walked out of our room. I went to Niall's room and knocked on the door.

'just a minute.' he said as he got to the door. he opened it and he didn't look happy.

'oh, it's just you.' he said as he walked back to his bed.

'just me? since when are you not happy to see me?' I asked as he shrugged.

'what's wrong Niall?' I asked as I sat next to him.

'what's wrong? well we can start with the fact that ever since you and Harry got back together I never get to see you. then you're never around anymore. I lost my best friend and it sucks.' he said as I looked at him.

'Niall, you know you can always come to me when you need me and I will always be here for you. you want to hang out, just ask. you should know better then to think you have lost me.' I said as he shrugged.

'don't you have a boyfriend to get back to?' he asked as anger rose within me.

'NO. I LEFT HIM ALONE SO I COULD BE WITH MY JERK OF A BEST FRIEND!' I said before I stormed out of his room.

'Holly! wait!' he said as he ran after me, but I just kept walking. I couldn't believe him.

I got to the kitchen and he grabbed my wrist. that forced me to stop walking. 'I didn't mean to make you angry. I just wanted to make a point. I'm sorry.' he said as I stood before him with my arms crossed. he was getting the silent treatment again. but this one was serious.

'don't do this to me.' he said as I raised an eyebrow. 'he deserves it, don't back down Holly.' I thought to myself.

'please. talk to me.' he pleaded as I looked down. he was gonna pull the puppy dog eyes with his ocean blue eyes. I couldn't take that.

'look at these eyes and then hold your attitude.' he said as he forced my head up. he was giving me the eyes but I didn't say a word.

he pulled me in for a Horan hug but my arms stayed crossed. he pulled them apart and they just fell to my sides. he squeezed me a little but got no response. 'I love you Hol.' he said as I wrapped my arms around him.

'you know I will always be here for you right? don't ever doubt that.' I said, finally giving in.

'yeah. I just miss having you with me when ever I want to be with you.' he said as he buried his head in my neck.

'all you have to do is ask Niall.' I said as he nodded.

'so. movie night?' he asked after he pulled away from me. I nodded and we went to his room.

'what movie Niall?' I asked as he picked a DVD and put it in.

'the last song. your favorite.' he said as I smiled but then stopped.

'but I cry every time I watch it. you know that. you were the one that helped me clean my face after we saw it in theatre with uncle Joe.' I said as he smiled.

'I remember. I'll be right here to do it again.' he said as I smiled. he sat besides me on his bed and started the movie.

Harry's pov

after Holly left the room I pulled out the picture she had put in a drawer. I pulled the picture out of the frame and looked at the back. it said:


I know we have gone our separate ways but I will hold you forever in my heart. I got your letter and trust me, leaving without a goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. by now I am most likely in the states. I love you, always yours- Lenny-

who's this Lenny kid and why does he love Holly? I looked at the picture again and saw a boy with brown hair, blue eyes and Holly was on his back. he looked at the camera smiling as she leaned her head against his, smiling in a way I have never seen her smile.

I put the picture back and grabbed her phone, which I still had. I looked through her text and saw one group that said Lenny. I read through some of them.

Lenny: how are you. it's been a long time.

Holly: good, I have a boyfriend and I am happy. but I miss you still.

Lenny: I never stop thinking about you.

Holly: I don't stop thinking about you either. it's been over a year and you are still on my mind.

Lenny: I wish I could see you one more time. your beautiful brown eyes. hear that adorable laugh you used when you laughed at one of my bad jokes.

Holly: I live in London now. but I wish I could see you again too. I miss you.

Lenny: if I am ever in London I'll look you up. I will talk to you soon. bye Hol.

Holly: bye Len.

that was all I read. I put her phone away. what was he to her? it's going to drive me insane. I will just ask her when she comes back into the room. but for now, I'm just gonna get some sleep.

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