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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


32. its time

Hollys pov

We were back home, getting ready for me to go into labor which would be any time now. I was three days late. I had just sat down in the living room with Louis when I felt a very strong pain. Then I realized it was time.

'HARRY. ITS TIME!' I yelled so he would hear me. Louis jumped up after hearing this and ran to get Harry. It was a couple minutes before Harry came running into the living room.

'Louis started the car and he said he'll call everyone to let them know. Let's go.' He said while pulling me up and helping me to the car. The car ride was horrible and filled with pain. The moment we got into the hospital they put me in a wheelchair and pushed me away with Harry by my side.

Liams pov

We had just picked up all of Hollys siblings along with her parents as a surprise when Louis called saying she went into Labor. We rushed to the hospital and had to wait such a long time before Harry walked out with a smile.

'Three at a time. Work it out between you guys.' He said before going back to the room Holly was in. We all decided that Louis, Erin, and Niall would go in first since we were sending Hollys family in last.

Nialls pov

I walked into the room and saw my bestfriend, well, more like my sister laying in a hospital bed with a little baby in her arms. I slowly walked over and she smiled up at me. 'Would you like to hold him?' She asked while I smiled and nodded. I carefully took the baby from her arms and looked down at the little Irish/British baby in my arms. I was so happy at this moment,  I was happy for Holly and Harry, but I was especially happy for my new little nephew.

I looked up and saw Holly and Harry sat on the hospital bed together. 'You did great love.' Harry said to her while she rested her head on his shoulder. I could tell she was rather tired and I smiled at the sight of her trying to stay awake. 

'Do you want some rest, I can tell everyone that you're sleeping and maybe they could come in later.' I asked while she nodded. Lou and El held baby Edward before I handed him back to Harry. I kissed Holly on the forehead before turning to leave but she grabbed my arm.

'I love you Ni. You know I do right?' She asked tiredly. I nodded and kissed her forehead before leaving.

Hollys pov

after Niall left a nurse came and took Edward away to the nursery area so I could rest a bit. Harry got into bed beside me and looked me in the eyes. 'you did great today babe, I love you' he said while I smiled and kissed him before cuddling into his side. I was so happy to just be there with him and I couldnt ask for anything better than the day I had just had.

(A/N: so I have decided this is the last chapter for this story but I will post a sequeal soon. I will let you know whent the first chapter is up. so keep an eye out. thank you so much for reading.)

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