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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


5. i want to be with you

Hollys pov


 when i woke up i was in a hospital bed. Harry was sitting beside me. 'morning.' Harrys said as i smiled.

'morning. how long have you been here for?' i asked as he looked at his watch.

'since last night. how do you feel?' he asked. he really is so sweet.

'honestly. everything hurts. what happened?' i asked as he smiled but then it faded.

'your knee popped out of place and you broke your arm. i was really nervous. i thought i lost you.' he said before looking down.


'thats really sweet  of you to say.' i said as he smiled. then Niall walked in.

'one mint chocolate chip ice coffee for ms. clutz over here.' he said as i smiled while shaking my head.

'thanks Nialler. you know me so well.' i said as he smiled.

'Hols? how you feelin?' Aiden asked while walking in the room. i smiled at him but Niall and Harry just stiffened.

'fine. um, Niall, Harry. can i talk to Aiden privately, please?' i asked as they nodded and walked out.

'i made my decision. i think we should stick to our promise and stay broken up. im sorry Aiden. im sorry' i said as he shook his head.

'im sorry to. im sorry i wasted a year with you. im sorry i cheated on you for the first three months of our relationship. im sorry i stopped cheating cause i began to fall for you. have a nice life Hols. try not to waste anyone elses time. i hope they're smart enough not to waste their time with you. your worthless, no good, and i can honestly do better.' Aiden said before leaving. i was bawling my eyes out because everything he said had to be right.

Harry walked inside after Aiden left and he saw me. his face dropped and he rushed over to me. 'whats wrong? Holly, what happened?' he asked as i shook my head.

'Aiden was right. im worthless, a waste of time, no good, and he cheated on me, he must have had a good reason.' i cried as Harrys face hardened.

'Niall, stay with her i'll be back.' Harry said as Niall sat next to me and Harry took off.

Harrys pov

i took off and found Aiden outside waiting on a cab. i spun him around and punched him in the face. 'what the heck? what was that for?' he asked as he held his bleeding nose.

'she is to good for you. shes amazing and you are the worthless one. have a good  life, stay out of hers.' i said before hitting him once again then returning to Hollys room.

'Niall, i need to speak to Holly.' i said as he nodded and left the room. i walked over to the bed she was on and i looked at her for a moment. i began to lean into her and stopped close to her face. i wanted to make sure she was okay with this. she slowly closed the gap between us and i couldnt help but smile into the kiss.

when i pulled away she looked down and blushed a little. 'Holly, i want to be with you. if you give me the chance, i can treat you the way you should be treated. like a princess.' i said as she looked up at me.

'alright. i think we should give it a shot to. i just hope this will work out.' she said as i smiled.

'im going to try my hardest to make sure it does.' i said as she smiled.

'well its about time. i was sick of passing your room at night and hearing you mumbling her name.' Erin said as everyone walked in. i smiled and so didnt she.

'shut up Erin.' i said as she began laughing.

'yeah, what ever Styles.' she said. she really was just like her brother.

'WATCH OUT! MY NEW BESTIE NEEDS ME!' Louis yelled as he ran into the room. we all laughed as he ran over to her bed.

'NO TOMMO! I CALLED DIBBS ON HER BEING MY NEW BESTIE!' Erin yelled as Holly laughed a little.

'um no, im pretty sure shes my bestie.' Niall said as we all laughed.

'NO TOMMO! OTHER THAN NIALL AND HER NEW BOYFRIEND HAZ, SHES MINE!' Louis yelled as we all kept laughing. i looked down at Holly who was trying to hide the pain.

'you okay?' i asked as she nodded. i could see through it.

'alright guys, i think she needs some rest. ill stay here, you guys should head home.' i said as they all agreed and left.

'whats wrong?' i asked as i returned to her side.

'my back really hurts. i have been sitting like this for hours.' she said as i smiled.

'can you lay on your stomach?' i asked as she looked at me weirdly.

'sure.' she said as she rolled onto her stomach. i lightly pressed my hands onto her back and began to rub it for her.

'no, you dont have to.' she said as i shook my head.

'i want to. i dont like seeing you in pain.' i said as she smiled a little.

'i really dont deserve to be with you. you are way to good for me.' she said as i shook my head.

'i dont think so beautiful, im no where near perfect.' i said as she smiled.

'maybe, but closer than you think.' she said with a breathe taking smile. i finally found the one to change my terrible ways. i was so happy.

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