forever *Completed

Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


6. i dont want help

Hollys pov

it was time for me to go home and i was so scared that they wouldnt let me do anything.  'you ready Holly?' Harry asked as i nodded. i stood up and almost lost my balance. Harry kept me sturdy and i smiled a small smile.

'are you alright? do you want me to carry you or get something?' Harry asked as i shook my head.

'no Harry, i got this. i had to do it before. ill be alright.' i said as he nodded. he held his hand out for me and i took it.  we began to walk out of the hospital. well, he walked and i limped but you get the point. we made it to the car and i got myself in.

'your doctor told me and gave me everything i needed to take care of you.' Harry said after he got into the drivers seat.

'no Harry, i can take care of myself but thanks.' i said as he shook his head. right after that Ms. Independent by Ne-Yo came on the radio. we both started laughing.

'can you take me to work?' i asked as he looked at me weird.

'i need to talk to my brother.' i said as he nodded and brought me to work. i made my way into the building and everyone greeted me.

'what happened to you?' Stacy asked as i walked to Chris' office area.  Stacy was his secretary and also his wife.

'i may have gotten injured again. i need to see Chris.' i said as she nodded. i waited a few minutes before he came out of his office.

'what happened now?' he asked as i looked down.

'i was just walking.' i said as he laughed.

'well, i dont think you should work here anymore Holly. im sorry but knowing you this means to much time off. please forgive me.' he said as i nodded in understandment.

'bye Stacy.' i said before leaving. i just lost my only chance to stay here.

'how'd it go?' Harry asked as i shook my head.

'he fired me. i have no chance of staying here now.' i said as i rested my head on the window.

'you can still stay here. we can........' Harry began but i stopped him.

'no Harry, i appreciate it but i wont take help from you guys. i can figure it out.' i said as he shook his head.

'you are stubborn.' Harry said as i smiled slightly.

'yeah i guess. well we're here and im gonna go to bed. night.' i said as i made my way inside. i got ready for bed thinking about how i was gonna fix this issue.

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