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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


26. first appointment

Holly's pov

today was the day of our fist baby appointment. Harry has been looking forward to this since we scheduled it. he was driving us to the hospital with this huge grin on his face. 'Harry, it's gonna get stuck like that.' I said as he laughed a little bit. he parked the car and rushed around to get my door for me.

'I could have gotten it but thank you Harry.' I said as he helped me out of the car. I had kept working on my album but I was finding it hard to keep working when my mind was on my baby.

we took a seat in the waiting room and I felt like everyone was judging us. I was nervous and I squeezed Harry's hand to let him know. he smiled and lightly squeezed mine back. 'everything is going to be okay.' he said as I gave him a weak smile. 'Hayes?' a doctor asked as Harry and I stood up. we followed the doctor to this room and I could feel my heart pounding.

they took my weight and checked a few other things. 'well, everything seems to be normal except for your weight.' the doctor said as I raised an eyebrow.

'what do you mean?' I asked as he looked down at the paperwork he had in his hands.

'you were suppose to gain weight but, your weight seems to be staying the same. what are your eating habits?' he asked as I looked down.

'I almost never eat breakfast, I sometimes eat lunch, but I eat dinner and occasionally have small snacks.' I said as he shook his head and Harry did the same.

'well, there's the issue. you need to start eating three meals a day with at least two snacks. that should put everything right on track.' the doctor said as I nodded.

'well, let's take a look at the baby shall we?' he said before having me lay down on the table. he lifted my shirt above my stomach and I grabbed Harry's hand. the doctor put this cold jelly stuff on my stomach before rubbing it around with this thing, I don't know what it was called.

'is it cold babe?' Harry asked as I nodded. he laughed a little and I rolled my eyes.

then we heard it, the heart beat. I looked up on the screen and the doctor showed us the baby. a tear escaped my eye and Harry wiped it away. 'that's our baby.' Harry said as he smiled widely.  he kissed me and I held his hand a bit tighter.

when the appointment was over we walked out hand in hand. as soon as we stepped out of the hospital paparazzi surrounded us. they were yelling questions about why we were at the hospital. we ignored them and got to the car before driving off.

when we got home everyone was asking questions about the appointment. I answered a few of them before sitting on the couch. Harry brought me something to eat for lunch. I wasn't hungry so I put the plate on the coffee table. 'babe, you have to eat. doctors orders. it's your favorite.' he said as he handed me the plate that had two tacos in it.

'fine, but only cause it's doctor's orders.' I said as he smiled. I ate and then put the plate down. I was actually really tired so I laid down and almost fell asleep.

'you tired baby?' Harry asked as I nodded. he leaned over me and kissed me. after he got up and lifted me up. he carried me to our room and put me in bed.

'babe, come out on a date with me later tonight.' Harry said as I smiled.

'sure babe. but can we sleep first?' I asked as he smiled and got into bed besides me.

A/N sorry for the short chapter. I got really tired. hope you enjoyed it anyways, I will try to update later.

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