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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


17. filming the begining

Holly's pov

I woke up the next morning and Harry wasn't there. I looked around and he was no where in sight. then, my phone began to ring. (A/N letters to represent the call. I am just to lazy to type today. H= Holly, S= Simon)


S:hello. this is Simon.

H:hey Simon. what's up?

S:well, since your career in music is just starting, I thought this might help. I got an offer today. abc wants to do a show on your rise in this business. it will be a series and they want to film your everyday life.

H:they want to film me?

S:yes. are you up for it?

H:sure I guess this could work out well.

S:alright, I will let them know and they will send a crew over your way.

H:alright, bye Simon.

S:bye Holly

after I hung up, I decided to go and see where everyone was. I got out of bed and the moment I stepped out of my room I could smell something cooking. 'no Niall! that's for Holly, I already fed you.' I heard Harry say as I chuckled lightly. I slowly made my way down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and saw Harry cooking and the rest of the guys eating.

I smiled and went to the cabinet to get a cup for tea. I was rather short so I was trying to stretch and get it. a hand wrapped around my waist before another went for the cup. 'morning beautiful.' Harry said as I smiled.

'go sit I will make your tea.' he said as I shook my head.

'no, I want to do it.' I said as I took the cup from him.

'mmm, no.' he said as he took the cup from me and walking to the counter. I stood there and pouted. he turned slightly and smiled.

'don't pout love.' he said as he kissed my lower lip that was stuck out a bit before handing my tea. I walked to the table and sat down. I sipped my tea before Harry placed a plate of food in front of me.

'oh, Harry you didn't have to, I'm not all that hungry.' I said as Niall looked at me.

'when was the last time you ate?' he asked as I looked down.

'two days ago.' I mumbled. but apparently they all heard.

'you need to eat. I know you don't really like to eat but you need to. you promised me you would do better.' Niall said as I nodded. I picked up my fork and began to eat. when I finished I got up and put my dish in the sink.

'do you still want to go out with my mum?' he asked but then my phone went off.

'I want to, I really do, but abc's camera crew is almost here. Simon thinks it would help if I let them do a tv series on my life.' I said as he nodded.

'it's alright. some other time. maybe you should go get ready. we all should.' he said as I smiled.

'what do I not look good?' I asked just trying to mess with him.

'no, you look great but I just thought that...' he began and I laughed a little.

'Harry, I'm messing with you. let's go get ready.' I said as he smiled.

we all went to go get ready and as soon as we were the doorbell rang. I went to go answer the door and when I did I saw a camera crew and another person.

'hello, I'm Todd, you must be Holly.' he said while shaking my hand. I smiled and let them inside.

'nice to meet you.' I said as I led them to the living room.

'so we just need you to sign some papers and then we will begin.' he said as I nodded. I looked over the papers before signing.

'so you'll be setting up camera's around the house to get any footage you may miss while you aren't here. you guys will be here from seven in the morning until ten at night, unless we go to bed before then?' I questioned as he nodded.

'alright, sounds good. when do we start?' I asked as the guys joined us.

'right now if it's alright with you.' he said.

'um, what do we do exactly?' Harry asked.

'just go through your normal day. pretend like we aren't even here.' he said as I nodded.

'Harry, my best friend is in town. I'm going to go meet up with her. alright?' I asked as he nodded. he kissed me goodbye before I left. I took a cab to the shopping center downtown and met her at a store.

'Jennie?' I said as she spun around and smiled. she hugged me but quickly took in my appearance.

'I'm sorry but you look terrible. you have always been a clutz huh?' she asked as I smiled.

'so, how's life going, you know the fame life.' she asked as I shrugged. just after she said that a swarm of fans surrounded us. the camera crew was still with us and I was scared. then paparazzi joined the crowd.

'Holly, come on, we need to run.' Jennie said as I shook my head.

'no, I can't' I said as I pointed to my  leg. the crew tried to get the people to back off but they were very persistent. then a man pushed through the crowd and looked at me.

'Holly?' he asked as I looked at him.

'oh my gosh, Edward.' I said as I hugged him quickly. he was well built pretty well and he was and old friend of mine.

'do you need help?' he asked as I nodded.

'hop on.' he said as he leaned over a bit, allowing me onto his back. I got on and he led everyone to his car. the camera crew put cameras in the front of the car. we got in and the crew got into a cab and we all went back home.

when we got there we made our way inside and no one else was there.  'so this is your life now?' Edward asked as I nodded.

'yeah, I guess so, it's gonna take some getting use to. but I have a strong support group.' I said as Jason walked into the room. I smiled and waved.

he looked at me confused and walked over towards me. 'hey, how are you Jason?' I asked as he still looked confused.

'your remember?' he asked as I nodded. apparently he didn't know.

'wow, Erin is going to be so happy. she hasn't been able to face you because if you asked who she was she would have lost it. I will go tell her.' he said with a smile before leaving.

I smiled, it would be nice to see her again. it's been so long.

'babe! you home?' I heard Harry yell as he walked through the door.

'yeah, I'm in the living room!' I called back to him as I waited a moment.

'are these your friends?' he asked as I nodded.

'yeah, Harry this is Jennie and Edward, guys, this is my boyfriend Harry.' I said as he shook their hands.

'um, everyone went to go get Eleanor and Perrie from the airport.' he said as he turned his attention to me.

'okay, Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend right?' I asked as he nodded.

'I'll be upstairs so you can spend time with your friends.' he said but I shook my head.

'no, you can stay. they don't bite. I mean Jennie bit me that one time when we were five but other than that, they don't.' I said as he smiled.

'alright.' he said while taking a seat next to me. I smiled and went back into a conversation with them.

'so Edward, how have you been?' I asked as he smiled.

'great, I mean, I haven't seen you in forever and you haven't responded to any of my emails. I wish you would have. I missed you.' he said as I smiled.

'I missed  you too. I wished I would have seen those emails too.' I said as he smiled. I could see Harry shooting daggers into him. I elbowed him lightly to get him to stop. it was horrible, I felt bad.

'I should go, I have some work to do. but I will see you soon.' he said as I smiled. I walked him to the door and his hands were rather low when I hugged him goodbye.

'me too, bye Holly.' she said before leaving.

when they were gone I went into the kitchen to avoid a conversation I didn't want to be apart of. by this time, we really didn't care if the camera crew saw anything.

I got a cup of juice and sat at the table. 'Holly. we need to talk.' Harry said as he entered the kitchen.

'not now, I am tired, I kind of got mobbed today, that's how I ran into Edward. I said as he rolled his eyes.

'yeah, lucky us.' he said rather annoyed.

'I will be in bed.' I said as I got up but he followed.

'Holly, you know what I want to talk about and that's the only reason why you are tired. we both know it.' he said as I closed and locked my door before he could catch up to me.

this was going to be rather interesting when I get up later.

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