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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


31. family

Holly's pov

'no, no, no. that's alright Harry.' I said while he pulled me into the house. when we walked into the living room there was three girls sitting there talking. Harry looked at one for a few moments before his expression turned cold and angry.

'mum, Gemma.' he said coldly while they all stood up and looked at us. one of the two girls that I didn't know kept looking at me. Harry took notice and took a step in front of me.

'um, Lilly. maybe you should head home now.' the other girl that wasn't Harry's mum said while the one that I'm guessing is Lilly nodded before walking towards us.

'it was nice seeing you again Harry.' she said with a smirk before leaving. he just stared straight ahead until he heard the door shut behind the girl.

'I came here to have you guys get to know my fiancé and the mother of my soon to be son and I find the one girl I never wanted to see again sitting here. you know what she did to me and how much it hurt and you stayed friends with her?' Harry asked angrily.

'Harry, she apologized several times. we couldn't just stay mad at her for ever.' the only one I didn't catch the name of said.

'Gemma, why don't you take Holly into the kitchen and get her a drink and a snack while I speak to Harry.' his mum said before the girl nodded and made her way towards me.

she led me into the kitchen and I took a seat at the table. 'what would you like to drink?' she asked kindly.

'um, water's fine.' I said while she nodded and got me a glass of water. after that she took a seat across from me and smiled.

'thanks, Gemma? right?' I asked as she nodded.

'you're Holly. I got your CD the other day and it was absolutely amazing. I listen to it all the time now and my friends a big fans.' she said while I smiled.

'thanks. that means a lot.' I said while she smiled.

'so I heard I'm getting a little nephew?' she asked while I nodded.

'yeah we want to name him Edward Joseph Styles.' I said while she smiled at me. she seemed so nice and it wasn't hard  to tell that her and Harry were related.

'I like that name.' she said with a kind smile.

'so tell me about yourself.' she said with a small laugh.

'well, I'm from Ireland, I moved here with my best friend, Niall, I have known him just about my whole life. he's like a brother to me. I don't know if my family is gonna make it to the wedding since they're back home. I love the color blue. I love to write and I absolutely love your brother.' I said with a smile.

'well, I love you too babe.' Harry said while he kissed my cheek. I smiled and looked up at him. he took  a seat next to me and I smiled.

'my mum invited us to stay for dinner.' he said while I smiled.

'I'll just go get started.' his mum said while I smiled at her.

'I can help.' I said while standing up and following her to the kitchen.

'you don't need to help dear. I'm alright.' she said while I smiled.

'no, it's alright, I really want to help.' I said while she smiled at me before having me start on the salad. I was in the middle of cutting cucumbers when Harry wrapped his arms around me.

'need help?' he asked while I shook my head. he laughed and began to kiss my shoulder and where my neck meets my shoulder.

'Harry stop. I'm trying to make salad.' I said while laughing. he laughed a little before he rested his head on my shoulder.

'you guys are so sweet I think I may get a cavity.' Gemma said while Harry began laughing.

'get outta here.' he said with a small laugh. soon everything was done and it was time to eat. we sat at the table and I put a little bit of food on my plate.

'why do you eat so little?' Harry asked while I looked at him confused. I had a reasonable amount of food on my plate.

'you're eating for two now. you should be eating more then just that.' Harry said while I shook my head.

'Harry you don't really eat for two. the baby takes what it needs from you. I can't just stuff myself until I feel like I'm gonna be sick.' I said while he nodded in understanding.  after dinner we sat in the kitchen talking until we saw that it was ten o'clock.

'we should get going.' Harry said while we stood up.

'its a little late to be driving home, why don't you two just stay here for tonight?' his mum asked while Harry looked at me.

'that would be lovely. I will just call Louis and have him let the others know.' I said while she smiled.

'I will go through the clothes I have here and find something for you to sleep in.' he said while I nodded and quickly dialed Louis' number and told him we were staying with Harry's mum. after that I sat on the couch and talked with Anne about the wedding.

'so, are you nervous?' Anne asked while I shook my head.

'no, I'm really excited. I just wish I knew my family was coming. it would mean the world to me to have them here, to have my dad give me away. but the last time I spoke to them was when my mum was suppose to come and visit but canceled. before  then it had been so long. I don't even think they care about what's going on right now. they probably hate me for leaving.' I said while she looked at me sympathetically.

'I'm sure they love you and miss you a lot. maybe they're scared that you don't want them back into your life.' she said while I shrugged.

'love, why don't you go get ready for bed. I'll be there in a minute. its the second door on the left.' Harry said while handing me clothes. I walked to his room and got changed before sitting on the bed and waiting for him.

Harry's pov

I sat on the couch next to my mum and soon Gemma joined us. 'so you guys like her?' I asked happily while they smiled widely.

'she's absolutely lovely Harry. I am absolutely thrilled that she's gonna be my sister-in-law. not just because I am a  huge fan.' Gemma said with a smile which made me laugh.

'I agree. I absolutely adore her but it's really a shame about her family.' my mum said while l looked at her puzzled.

'what about her family? I mean I know her mum couldn't make the visit back on mother's day but that wasn't that big of a deal was it?' I asked while she looked at me with sad eyes.

'she hasn't talked to them since then and before then it had been a really long time. I don't know if they had a falling out or something but she is very sad about it. she wants them at the family but thinks they hate her for leaving or something. she thinks they don't care.' my mum said and I became instantly sad. they couldn't hate her. anyone who knew Holly loved her.

'I had no clue. but I know what I can do to make it better. thanks mum.' I said while I stood up and she stood to.

'I love you.' she said while she hugged and kissed me.

'I love you too mum.' I said before going to my old room where I found Holly sitting, waiting for me.

'let me just change. you can go ahead and get comfortable.' I said while she nodded and went to lay down. when I was finished I walked back into the room from the bathroom and saw Dusty, my cat, laying on Holly.

'Dusty, find your own girl. this ones mine.' I said while lifting him up off of her. she laughed a little while she watched me send him out of my room.

I got into bed beside her and kissed her stomach before laying next to her. 'I love you Harry.' she said while I smiled. I never get sick of hearing her say that.

'I love you too. the both of you.' I said while she smiled. I wrapped my arms around her and we soon fell asleep but I couldn't shake the conversation I had with my mum earlier.

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