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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


9. facing fears

Holly's pov

'Niall. where are you taking me?' I asked since he had blind folded me before we had left the house.

'hold on. we are almost there.' he said as he kept leading me to where ever we were going. when he removed the blind fold I saw that we were on stage in an empty arena.

'why are we here?' I asked as he looked at me.

'I'm helping you face your fears. we have a show here tonight and you, are our opening act.' Niall said as I shook my head and tried walking away. he put his arms around me and pulled me back.

'you are not going to get me to preform on stage in front of thousands of people.' I said as he handed me a microphone.

'just sing one song with me. you won't be alone. I will sing with you. just like in school when we use to goof around in your living room. remember?' he asked as I nodded.

the music to one of our favorite songs came on and Niall started. 'whoa yeah. aye aye. whoa-oo yeah. you're the finest girl I've seen and I wonder do you know this? that every guy you meet winds up catching feelings for ya. you can have any of you can take you're pick, but you need to check with me, girl I promise I'm legit. yes we'd be going to the movies, in the theatre holdin hands. I'll walk you home from school, I'll walk you to your classes. playing my 360 yes you'll be my best friend, but most of all, baby doll, you'll be my love, love, love.'

then together we sang, 'you should pick me girl. so tell can you dig it? I'm everything you need girl. so tell me can you dig it? I'll always be your number one, number one fan (dig that) and I should be your one and only man. you should pick me. you should pick me so tell me can you dig it? think of how good it could be girl so tell me can you dig it? I'll always be your number one number one fan. (dig that) and I should be your one and only man you should pick me. yeah, you should pick me girl.'

then it was my turn. 'you're my favorite part of the day and every morning I look forward, to me seeing your face I just to see it some more. baby I'm the kind of guy who can appreciate a girl as amazing as you, so you gotta be my baby girl. cause we could already be chillin at the beach. I'll take you on a cruise, watch the sunset while we're eating. you can have anything you want cause I'll be your best friend, but most of all baby doll. I'll be your love, love, love.'

together we sang the chorus again. and then Niall sang. 'you should pick the guy who makes you happy. pick the flyest of 'em pick the one that's got swagger. pick the one that makes you laugh, the one that's always got your back, and would rather die then to make you sad.'

we joined in together for the chorus one last time before the song ended, that's when I heard applause. I looked away from Niall and saw all of our friends sitting there. 'what song was that?' Eleanor asked.

'pick me by Justin Bieber.' I said while they smiled.

'I can't wait to hear what you sing tonight. you guys sounded amazing.' Louis said as I smiled in thanks.

'you two look so great together.' Erin said before she covered her mouth and nervously looked over at Harry.

'but you and Harry look better.' she said nervously, trying to save herself.

'nice save sis. real smooth.' Louis said as she pushed him.

'oh shut it.' she said as I jumped off the stage and went over to Harry.

'what did you think?' I asked nervously. what if he hated it?

'I think you sounded amazing and should take up Simon's offer.' he said as he kissed my forehead.

'maybe. depending on tonight, okay?' I asked as he nodded.

~at the Concert~

'hello everybody! I want to introduce a very special person. she is my best friend. please give it up for Holly!' Niall yelled as I took a deep breathe and walked out on stage. he began to walk off and I ran after him.

'what are you doing?' I asked as he smiled.

'look right there. see where all our friends are? I'll be right there. just pretend that It's only me and you.' he said before running off the stage. when I saw him take his spot next to Harry, he smiled and the music to Demi Lovato's song, Heartattack came on.

'putting my defenses up. cause I don't want to fall in love. if I ever did that, I think I'd have a heartattack. never put my heart out on the line. never said yes to the right guy. never had trouble getting what I want. but when it comes to you I'm never good enough. when I don't care, I can play 'em like a ken doll. won't wash my hair, then make him bounce like a basketball. but you, make me want to act like a girl. painting my nails and wear high heels. yes, you make me so nervous and I just can't hold your hand. you make glow. but I cover up won't let it show. so I'm putting my defense up. cause I don't want to fall in love. if I ever did that, I think I'd have a heartattack. I think I'd have a heartattack. I think I'd have a heartattack. never break a sweat for the other guys. when you come around I get paralyzed. every time I try to be myself, it comes out wrong like a cry for help. but you make me want to act like a girl. painting my nails and wear perfume. yes, you, make me so nervous and I just can't hold your hand. you make me glow. but I cover up won't let it show. so I'm putting my defenses up. cause I don't want to fall in love. if I ever did that I think I'd have a heartattack. I think I'd have a heartattack. I think I'd have a heartattack.' I sang and then the crowd cheered. I had completely forgotten about the people being there, as loud as they were.

I got lost in the song and was preforming as if I was on my own. I was very happy that I faced my fear and seemed to do a good job in doing so. when I had left the stage the guys went on stage and went on with their concert. they sounded amazing.

when we left the arena I pulled my phone out and called Simon. 'I see you decided to call. well, Holly, we were at the show tonight and are very interested in signing you to Syco records.' Simon said after he answered.

'that's amazing!' I exclaimed.

'we'll see you on Tuesday to get things signed. that is, if you want to take this deal and not sign with another.' he said and I was a little confused.

'what are you talking about?' I asked as everyone looked about me weirdly.

'well I heard that Island Def Jam records is looking to sign you. they haven't called yet?' Simon asked.

'no, they haven't.' I said and there was a pause.

'oh, well. I want you to be happy with the decision you make, so wait for their call and then call me back.' he said as I agreed. almost right after I hung up with Simon I got a call from Island Def Jam records with an amazing offer but I wasn't sure on which deal to take.

'what's going on?' Harry asked after I hung up the phone.

'well. Syco records and Island Def Jam records wants to sign me. I don't know which one to sign with. I mean they both have amazing offers but if I sign with Island Def Jam records I have to move to the states. what should I do?' I asked while they all looked at me.

'what do you think you should do?' Niall asked as I shrugged.

'well I have always wanted to go to America. they want to fly me out and see how things are there. if I like it. they want me to sign with them.' I said as they congratulated me.

'how long will you be there for?' Eleanor asked. I sighed before responding.

'three months.' I said as they all looked at me.

'but, how are we suppose to date if you are going to be all the way in America for three months?' Harry asked as we pulled up in front of the house.

everyone went inside and I kept Harry outside. 'Harry, if I'm in the states for three months, maybe we should take a break. if things haven't changed then we can pick up where we left off. I mean we haven't really had the chance to be in a real relationship yet anyways. it has been kind of an odd relationship. what do you think Harry?' I asked as he nodded.

'okay. as long as you are happy.' he said as he pulled me into a hug.

'I'm gonna miss you.' he said into my hair as he rubbed my back.

'I'm gonna miss you too. but I'll be back in three months.' I said as he nodded and kissed the top of my head.

we walked inside and I went to pack since I was leaving in two days. we slept in our own rooms and it felt weird not having him next to me. this was going to be a long three months.

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