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Hi, my name is Holly. I live in mullingar Ireland. But I'm moving with my bestfriend Niall to London. Hes part of this big boy band called One Direction. I hope everything will go just fine.


13. cinema

Holly's pov

we walked into the cinema and were trying to decide what to watch. 'we should watch insidious.' Harry said and Erin agreed.

'do you want to go see a different movie. a comedy maybe? I know you can't sit through scary movies.' Justin said as I smiled.

'no it's okay. we can go see that movie.' I said as he bought our tickets.

we were half way through the movie and I was in Justin's lap, hiding my face in his neck.

'are you alright Holly? we can leave and wait in the lobby for them.' Justin said as I nodded and agreed to leave the movie. I am such a wimp.

'omg is that Justin Bieber?!' a girl yelled and we were soon surrounded as soon as we got into the lobby. we were pretty much mobbed. Justin grabbed my hand and held on tight through pictures with fans and much more.

'Justin is this your girlfriend?'

'how long have you two been together?'

'what about Selena?'

'is this all for publicity to get her on the charts as a new artist?' paparazzi began to yell at us as we tried to get into a bathroom or somewhere closed off.

we finally got into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. 'I'm sorry about that. it's really crazy.' Justin said as I nodded and sat on the floor.

'how are we going to get to the car?' I asked as he thought for a moment.

'I can have Kenny come get us. he can pull up to this window right here. just text Harry and let him know we are gone.' Justin said as I nodded.

I texted Harry and Justin called Kenny. when Kenny pulled up we climbed out the window and got into the car. 'so what happened?' Kenny asked as he began to drive us home.

'paparazzi and fans saw us.' Justin said as Kenny nodded.

'so, how are you Holly?' Kenny asked as I smiled.

'fine. nice to see you.' I said as he smiled.

'so I was thinking tonight, me and you could go out on a date.' Justin said as I nodded.

'casual or dressed up?' I asked as he smiled.

'dressed up.' he said as I smiled. when Justin has me dress up for dates, something amazing normally happens.

Harry's pov

Erin and I went home after the movie and were just about mobbed on the way out. 'why do we have to lie to her?' Erin asked as I focused on the road.

'I don't even know anymore. I really do still care about her. I want to be with her.' I said as Erin smiled.

'aw Haz, so sweet. but you are telling the wrong person. you need to tell her this.' she said as I nodded. when I got home I went up to Holly's room to tell her. but when I knocked on the door, Justin answered.

'can I help you?' he asked as I silently sighed.

'can I speak to Holly?' I asked as he looked over his shoulder.

'she's in our bathroom getting ready for our date tonight. maybe later, yeah?' he said as I nodded and went to my room.

Holly's pov

Eleanor was in my room helping me get ready along with Erin. Justin was waiting downstairs. 'are you sure I look okay? this dress is alright?' I asked as they worked on my hair and makeup.

'you look great in that dress. now stop moving before I burn you with this curling iron.' Eleanor said as I smiled.

'okay. almost done, and, you are finished.' Eleanor said as I looked at myself in the mirror.

'here, wear these. they go with the dress.' Erin said while handing me a pair of black heels.

'me in heels? Justin will die haha.' I said as I put them on. I walked down the stairs in my purple dress, black heels, curled hair and well done makeup. when Justin saw me, he stood and smiled. he was wearing a nice dress shirt with black skinny jeans and black Supras.

'you look, beautiful.' he said as he admired me.

'you look great too. you ready?' I asked as he nodded. he took my hand and led me to Kenny's car. we drove to a park and he led me over a small bridge and into the woods.

we got to a clearing and what I saw was amazing. he had a picnic set up with lights hanging from trees. 'how did you get the lights plugged in?' I asked as he smiled.

'a lot of extension cords.' he said as I smiled. he wrapped his arms around me from behind me and rested his head on my shoulder.

'you like it?' he asked as I smiled.

'yeah, absolutely. it's amazing.' I said as he smiled.

'well there was something I wanted to ask you?' he said as I raised an eyebrow.

he spun me around and got down on one knee. he pulled out a ring box and looked up into my eyes.

'Holly, will you wear this promise ring. it's my promise to you that I will love you and only you. I have one on and if you except this ring you are promising me the same thing to me.' Justin said as I smiled.

'yes Justin. I would love to wear your promise ring.' I said as he stood up and placed it on my finger. he led me to the picnic blanket and we sat down to enjoy our evening.

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