Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


15. Taking It Public

(Ally's POV)

      Once Louis fell asleep Harry turned to me and looked into my eyes. "Ally, I want the whole world to know that you're mine.'' "And how's that going to happen?" I asked already knowing where this was going. "Let me take you out on a proper date tonight,'' he smiled. ''What about Louis, he's sick. Shouldnt we stay if he needs any help?" I asked. "Niall said he'll come over and help out,'' Harry explained. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I opened it up to see a happy Niall. "Thanks Niall!" I hugged him. "No problem,'' he said walking into the kitchen to snack on food. 

   ''Lets go get ready love,'' Harry said taking me upstairs to my room. I opened up the closet and asked Harry what I should wear.


(Harry's POV)

     I always wanted a girl that would take my advice in what they wore. Since I was taking her out for lunch I decided to pick out a red strappless dress that would bring out her beautiful complexion. Since it was kind of cold out today I chose out a black blazer for her to wear over. "How's this?" I asked handing her the outfit. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Its beautiful!" she exclaimed. "I'll be waiting out,'' I said closing the door behind me.

    After a few minutes she was all done. She came out and I was stunned. I couldnt help but just stare. She looked incredibly, beyond beautiful. "Well..." she said waiting for me to say something. "I'm surprised you never had a boyfriend before,'' I smiled. She smiled at the ground and started to blush. "Blush much?" I laughed. She looked up at me and playfully punched me in the arm. "Arent you going to get ready curly?" she asked. Curly. A nickname. Nice. "I was waiting for you to pick out something for me to wear shorty,'' I replied creating a nickname for her. "Really? Shorty?" she  asked laughing. "You get to call me Curly,'' I replied in a childish tone.

   We walked to my room where she picked out a white v-neck, black blazer, and  black trousers for me to wear. I quickly put them on and walked back out to see her waiting. "Ready for the world to know you as my girlfriend?" I smirked. She nodded and intervinved her fingers with mine as we walked downstairs. "Have fun on your date,'' Niall winked as we headed out.


(Niall's POV) 
    Harry and Ally left for their date. I was sitting and going through my tweets on twitter as I was interupted with grunts coming from upstairs. I walked up and knocked on Louis' door. "Louis? It's Niall, can I come in?" I asked. "What do you want,'' he responded with his voice cracking. Was he crying? "I'm coming in,'' I said opening the door. I found Louis in the corner crying his eyes out. "What happened!?" I asked running beside him. I never seen Louis like this. He was always smiles and laughs. "Nothing,'' he grunted not even looking at me. "I wont tell anyone Louis. Did something happen?" I asked again. I was going to get the answer out of him somehow. He started bawling more than ever. "Calm down lad, tell me please? So I can help,'' I begged.

    He looked at me and sighed as he wiped his tears away. "Ally,'' he managed to say. "What about her?" I asked. "I've loved her. Since fifth grade. I wanted to always let her know but I never knew how. I was going to give her hints this week and then tell her next week. BUt as always Harry got the girl before I even had a chance to try,'' he said inbetween sobs. I couldnt believe it and I had absoulutely no idea what to say. "Im sorry Louis. Maybe you should talk about it to Harry?" I suggested. "Are you crazy!? Ally's happy with Harry! I dont want to be the reason why they break up or have problems,'' he said. "If you guys are meant to be, it'll work itself out evantually,'' I comforterted. I wasnt good at these kind of things. Harry was always the one to help Louis with everyone's problem. But for the first time, Harry was the problem.


(Harry's POV)

     After our lunch date was over we headed back into the car. We were at a red light when Ally turned towards me. "Harry?" she asked. "Yes?" I cocked my head towards her direction. ''I love you,'' she replied flashing her beautiful smile. "I love you too baaabe,'' I said leaning over to kiss her on the forehead. Once I finished we both just sat there staring into each other's eyes. I was leaning forward when I was interuppted by a car's horn. I turned back to the road and noticed the light has been green for some time now. I started driving again as Ally and I cracked up. "Maybe some other time,'' she laughed.

  Once we got back home I stopped her at the doorstep. "Is now the time?" I asked smiling. She nodded as I leanded in slowly hoping this time we wouldnt get interupted. But yes, we did. "Harry! Is this your new girlfriend?" the annoying paparrazi asked. They never did leave us alone. It bugged me to the fullest. "Yes,'' I replied glaring at them and then taking Ally inside. "Why do we always get interupted?" I asked. "Its okay Harry. It'll happen one day,'' she smiled at me giving me a hug. "I had a great time baabee," I told her. "I did too Curly,'' she said as we walked into the living room.

  She lay her head in my lap and we watched some tv. She was scrolling through her phone when I noticed faint tears escaping her eyes. "Babe? Whats wrong?" I asked stroking her hair. She sat up and faced towards me handing me her phone. I took it and scrolled through her twitter account. Hate tweets one after another.

 @AyeItsAlly You worthless little prick. Clearly you're just using Harry for fame.


@AyeItsAlly You ugly little ugh ! You dont deserve Harry ! Hes way outta your league.

@AyteItsAlly- Go die.


 Of course the papparazzi wouldve posted any pictures they got of us today. I looked towards Ally who had red eyes. I placed her phone down and cupped her face with my hands gently making her look at me. "Hey, you're beautiful. Those people dont know what they're saying. They're clearly jealous of you Ally. They're being mature. Please dont let them get to you. I love you and trust me. What they're saying is just  a bunch of lies,'' I assured her. I took out my phone and logged onto twitter to and showed her what I have just tweeted.


Harry_Styles- Any one of you guys against me and Ally...get a life. It doesnt affect either one of us. We dont care what you have to say. You're fake fans. If you were real you would be happy that I found the girl of my dreams. She's beautiful in everyway inside and out, she's got the best personality. And shes the best girl any guy could have. She means the world to me. I love her with all my heart. K? Byeee.:)

She wiped her tears away. "You really believe so?" she asked. I nodded and leaned in and..YES! We kissed! No interuptions! We realeased and we looking into each others eyes. "I feel a whole lot better,'' she laughed while blushing.




-Authors Note-

I wrote this just so I could have something to update for the night.:) Its not close to being over yet so dont worry!
I would like to thank every single person who has liked/favorited/became a fan/and commented. <3 it means more than you guys think it does.
And awwwh I think Harry and Ally are caayuttee. c: Poor Louis though (/.\) Will he confess his love somehow?hmm...continue reading this please :) .

Please likeeee, favorite, become a fan or comment (: Thank youuuuuuu.








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