Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


6. Reuniting

(Louis POV)

   I couldnt wait to see Ally! I never realized how much I really missed her until today. It was seven in the morning and the boys and I were getting ready to go to the airport except for Harry. Harry was still asleep as usual. Once I got ready and changed into my coke pajamas I ran to Harry's bed and started jumping on it. "Time to get up!" I sung continously. "Go away Louis," Harry groaned. "Well then," I said placed my hand on my chest as if I was offended. "Im trying to sleep," Harry complained. "Aw come on man! You can sleep in the car. We have to pick up Ally," I said. Harry ignored me placing his pillow on his hand. "First impressions," I sung. Harry looked at me and got up. "I hate you Louis Tomlinson," he mummered. "I love you too Harry Styles," I smiled and hugged him.


    It was eight when everyone was ready. We got in the car, Liam driving, and drove off to the airport, I was on my way to reuinting my best friend. "How long have you and Ally been friends?" Niall asked trying to start a conversation. "Since babies actually. We were neighbors and our families were pretty close," I explained. "Have you ever considered dating her?" Harry asked. It was such a Harry question. When I didnt reply he asked again," Have you?" Honestly, I liked, no loved Ally since fifth grade. She was so sweet, easy to talk to, fun to be with, good with advice, funny, beautiful, and everything there is to describe a good person. But I figured that she probably harshly friend-zoned me because she never shown any strong feelings towards me. "Not really. I always just thought of her as a sister," I lied. "Ah, friend zoned," Harry teased. "By choice from us both," I added another lie.


  Once we got to the airport it was eight fifty. We walked to gate ten and sat at the waiting area. I was just moments away from seeing my Ally.

  "What are we going to do once she gets here?" Niall asked. "I was thinking we could have them spend some time at mine and Harry's flat," I answered. "Sounds fun," Niall replied. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt someone place their hands on my eyes from behind.


  "Guess who," a farmiliar voice sung. My heart raced and a smile spread widely across my face. "Ally!" I cheered. I turned around and saw my best friend  I havent seen in years! I quickly huggged her tightly. Maybe too tightly. "L-Louis, cant, cant, breathe," she said in between breaths. I let go of the hug and looked at her excitingly. "It's you. Youre really here!" I said. She laughed. "Yes I am! Im so happy to see you again! I missed you so much," she said giving me another big hug. "Well I feel loved," Zack said jokingly. I looked over at him and tackled him in a hug. "Zacky! I missed you bro! How have you been?" I asked letting go. "Good and you?" he asked. "Extremely good now that you're bother here."

  I smiled and loooked over at Ally again. She changed alot! She was even more beautiful now and looked mature. Yup, i sure did still love her.


  ''Hi, I'm Harry," Harry said with a cheeky grin. "I know who you are. You're all over the place," Ally laughed. "Well of course, we're in a band," Liam added. "Nice to meet you Ally and Zack, "Zayn said shaking each of their hangs. I was the happiest I have ever been. Ally's here!

  "Now what?" Zayn asked. "Well we were thinking on going over to mine and Harry's," I replied. "Sounds good," Ally agreed grabbing her bags."No I'll take that," I smiled taking her bags for her. "Thanks Louis," she said hugging me.

  Maybe while she's here, I'd be able to win her heart. I mean come on, I've loved her for years. There has to be a happy ending to this.


 (Harry's POV)

   Ally was the defination of beautiful. The way her dark brown lively curls looked. And the way her brown eyes shined. She lit up my world like nobody else the second I saw her. How could Louis just think of her as a sister? I felt like she was the one. I was going to win her with the time we spent together. I loved her. From the first second I laid eyes on her. She was so beautiful and seemed like a very sweet girl.



    Once we got in the car, I devided to take a seat next to Ally. "So how do you like England so far?" I asked. "Well, I just now got here, but so far it seems great," she replied. Her voice was so soft and sweet.

  Once we reached to our flat Louis opened the door. We all followed behind. "This is it," Louis said like a tourguide. "Nice place!" Zack said. "Thanks," Louis replied. Ally was in the kitchen looking for something to eat.


  "Not even going to bother to ask," I joked. She thought I was serious. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she said placing the bag of sun chips back. I started laughing. "I was just joking love. Take whatever you want," I smiled at her. She smiled back. Oh my God. That smile was stunning.


  Louis joinued us and hugged Ally from behind. I had nothing to worry about though. Louis clearly said they were only best friends. "Im so glad to have you back," Louis said. "Me too, I missed you so much," Ally replied. "Harry!" I heard Liam call. "Talk to you later Ally," I said heading towards the living room.

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