Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


9. Movie Night &' Questions

(Harry's POV)

  Before we knew it, it was getting late. "Well I'm leaving. Nice meeting you Ally and Zack, LIam said heading out the door. "I'm on my way too. BYe guys," Niall said following Liam out. "I'll be going as well," Zayn said leaving. Now it was only beautiful Ally, Louis, Zack and I.

   "We should get going too. It's getting pretty late," Ally said getting up. "No," I quickly acted and held her hand as if it was an instinct. She looked at me and flashed her beautiful smile. "I need to go get settled," she answered as I let go of her hand. "You guys should stay the night," I suggested. "No, we cant. I Dont want to take advantage of you guys," She asnwered. This girl. I invited her and she thinks thats taking advantage. I laughed and said, "Inviting someone in doesnt make the guest taking advantage."

  "Harry's right. You guys should stay. You just got here and we got a whole lot to catch on to," Louis added. Ally looked over at Zack and asked,"Is it alright?" "Yeah, I'll just go and put our luggage in our house and come back," Zack answered walking out the door. "Okay guess we're staying," Ally smiled. She always smiled at everything. Another reason why I love her. Wait did I just say I love her? Woaaah. It's just been a day.


 (Louis POV)

   As Zack left out the door I asked, "What should we do until then?" "Watch a movie!" Ally exclaimed. "Lou, I got to use the loo. Be right back," Harry teasingly said. "You're going to regret saying that," I smirked as he left.


  Okay so earlier when I was talking about my feelings for Ally. Harry seems to be getting close to her. Me, being Harry'  s best mate, I could tell when he likes a girl. And it was written all over his face that he has fallen deeply for Ally. Im not going to talk to him about it until he brings it up. But I love Ally. What if Ally falls for Harry? I gotta move faster than the level Harry was on.


 (Allys POV)

   Once Harry got back we agreed to watch Finding Nemo. Louis and I were obsessed with Finding Nemo when we were in elementary. Every Friday night we would watch it together. I would always cry when Nemo's mom dies. But its been three years since I've seen this movie. I'm not going to lose it. I;m eighteen now. BUt I managed to fail. I started sniffling and Harry looking over at me. He put his arm around me and asked, "What's wrong love?" Love? Okay yes, I did feel something in my heart at that moment. "This scene still makes you cry?" Louis asked. "Yes! It's so sad!" i said wiping my tears away. "This scene makes you cry?" Harry asekd seeming interested. I likeed this guy. I dont know what about him. But I liked him. It's a good thing I was starting to have feelings for Harry. He'll be like a distraction for my Louis feelings. Louis clearly didnt love me back in that way so I have to move on at some point. "Always has. I Just hate it when someone loses someone they loved," I replied. "They're fishes Ally," Louis said. "Fishes have feelings unlike you," I joked. "Hurtful," Louis replied. "You know fishes have a short memory span. So in reality, they probably dont even remember who their love is after three seconds," Harry stated as if he was a sciecne teacher. "Good to know Mr. Styles. Maybe you can help me sometime in biology,"  I laughed.

  My phone vibrated and I got a text from Zack.

 From Zack:

 I'm staying home. I'm exhausted.

To Zack:

Lazy much?

From Zack:

Shut uppppppp. Im going to sleep night


To Zack:

 Good night loser:)

   "Zack's not coming," I told Harry and Louis. "That sucks, would you like a ride home?" Harry asked. "No it's alright," I answered. "So you're okay with sleeping here alone?" he asked. "Yeah. Before Louis moved we used to have sleepovers all the time," I explained. With that Harry bursted out laughing. God. His laugh was adorable. ''What?" I asked. "Ally! Guys dont have sleepovers!" Louis said. "Um but yu did. Every Friday night we used to watch Find-"Louis cut me off my putting his hand over my mouth. "Shush child,'' he whispered. Harry was still cracking up. "This is too good. How old were you guys when you had these sleepovers?" Harry asked. Louis glared at me signaling me not to say a word. "Dont you dare," he said. "We started when were three and it went on until he moved for x-factor," I answered proudly. Harry fell off the couch and started laughing his head off again. Honestly, I didnt get what was so funny about it. Maybe Harry was just messing with Louis on purpose. Yeah thats probably it. 

  "I warned you," Louis said standing up. "Oh yeah what are you going to do?" I asked walking up to Louis. "This," he smirked. Louis grabbed me and put me over his shoulder and ran back to the couch and placed me down. "Harry if you love me you will hold her down," Louis said. I knew where this was going. Harry walked over and held my hands down. Louis then sat on my legs and started tickling my stomach. I tried to let loose but couldnt. These boys were strong! "Louis stop!" I managed to say between laughs. "No," he calmly said and continued tickeling my stomach. I was dying of laugher. I felt some abs coming in. (lol cx)

  "Harry let go of me!" I begged looking up at Harry with a puppy dog face. "Under one condition," he said. "What is it?" I managed to say catching my breathe. "You let me take you out for breakfast tomorrow morning," Harry answered. Was he asking me out? Was the Harry Styles asking me out? I wasnt really sure what to say. I knew Louis still had a spot in my heart. But I really did wanted to stop getting tickeled. I hated it. Harry noticed I hesitated so he added, "Just as friends." I nodded my head quickly and he let go of my hands allowing me to push Louis off.

  Louis landed face flat on the floor. "Thats what you get," I laughed and then yawned. "You tired?" Harry asked. "Kind of. Where do I sleep tonight?" I asked. "Guest room. Let me show you," Harry said as we got off the couch. "Good night Ally. I'm so happy your back," Louis said kissing me on the cheek. Did Louis really just do that? The Louis feels. The Harry feels. Oh my.

 "Night Louis," I smiled and then started following Harry upstairs. "This is where you'll be sleeping," he said opening the door to the guest room. "Good night beautiful," Harry said kissing my forehead. I felt myself blushing. This boy was too sweet. Harry left and I went to lay into the bed. I was left in my thoughts.

  How I felt for Louis? Well the feelings were going away but after he kissed me on the felt as if they never left. I felt like I loved him more than usual. But it must've been a friendly kiss considering he never really showed any feelings towards me. Harry on the other hand. He was so sweet. Both the boys were. And they both were beyond attractive. I was looking forward to my breakfast 'date' with Harry. Not to mention, mine and Louis adventure on finding a secret hiding spot.

  I was in love with two boys. Question was, did they feel the same way back? Or were they just being nice? And whcih one do I love more? I kept on thinking on these questions until I fell into deep sleep.



-Authors Note-

So far I  had the most fun writing this chapter. Again thank you so much for readingg.

Comment? Like? Tell me what you think.:)


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