Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


18. Lies, Lies, And More Lies

(Ally's POV) 

   I awakened and returned back to life, also known as a black hole since yesterday. I dragged myself out of bed and freshened myself up. After a long, relaxing shower I slipped on black skinny jeans with a pink frilly blouse and styled my hair in a bun. I walked pass Harry's room where he was laying on his bed on his phone. I'm pretty sure he's still giving me the silent treatment. I continued walking downstairs and plopped myself on the couch. I decided to close my eyes and listen to music. I was in the middle of escaping earth when two arms wrapped around me and stood me up and bought me into a tight hug. I looked up seeing it Harry smiling down at me. "Hey babe,'' he smiled widely. "I thought you were mad at me?" I asked realeasing out of the hug. "No baabee, I cant go a day without speaking to you. Plus, I know you didnt like the kiss. I guess some of my anger on Louis got put on you. I'm sorry,'' he apoligized while holding my hand. That's where he was wrong. I did like the kiss..well honestly I really dont know. I looked into emerald green eyes and saw that he was sincere. "It's okay Curly,'' I smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheeck.He hugged me once again but then I realized something. "Harry, where's Louis?" I asked.


(Harry's POV) 

 "Harry, where's Louis?" Ally asked. That name hit me like a knife. Was it possible to be best friends with one person then hate them to the extreme the next day? "Why do you care?" I tensed up and my eye brows furrowed. "I'm just asking..''she replied backing up. "I'm sorry,'' I replied quickly kissing her on the forehead. She flashed  a smile at me but it was one of those obvious fake smiles. "So where is he?" she asked again. "He left,'' I answered. "What? Why!?" her hazel eyes widened. "He didnt want to see you anymore,'' I replied. Okay, so basically that wasnt a lie. Louis did say in the letter that it kills seeing her with me. Doesnt that mean that he doesnt want to see her anymore? I noticed her eyes getting watery. Why does she care? I mean I know they're best friends and all, but she slapped him last night. In my opinion, that shows hatered. "We have to go find him,'' she managed to say after the shock hit her. "He said he doesnt want to talk to you ever again,'' I lied. I felt bad lying to the girl whose my everything, but I just had too. To keep her away from Louis and vice versa. And that's when she broke into bawling tears. I quickly wrapped her up in my arms and started stroking her hair. "Its okay Ally, you have me,'' I whispered in her ear. No response but tears. I looked deeply into her eyes, "Ally. I love you unlike him. I wont ever leave you. He probably just wanted to use you as a toy since he left you the day after he kissed you. He was just playing with your feelings.'' Another big lie. I wiped her tears away from her face with my thumb and leaned in closer into a kiss. Once we realeased her tears lessened. "You're right Harry. I shouldnt care about him. He treated me like trash. I love you too forever and always,'' she smiled at me. I smiled back as I felt my phone vibrate. I looked into my pocket and noticed the name 'Louis' on the screen. I looked back up at Ally who looked curious. "Who is it?" she asked. "Oh nothing, just a notification saying my phone's on low battery." Another lie. "I'll be right back,'' I added walking up to my room. Once I got there, I took locked the door behind me and took out my phone.


From Louis:

Hey..umm. I want to apoligize for everything last night. Completely my fault, Ally didnt do anything.

To Louis:

Yeah I saw the note.


From Louis:

 Oh.. it was more for only Ally's eyes but okay.

Did she read it?

To Louis:




From Louis:
 She hasnt texted me yet. what'd she say about it?

To Louis:

Honestly mate, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you.

But she said she hates you for what you did. And that you're right. She wont ever even consider dating you. She also said to move on.

From Louis:

Oh :(

To Louis:


From Louis:

Its alright. Though I dont believe I can stop loving her. Well Imma go now, bye.


I was on a lying game today. I lost count of how many lies I've told. But I gotta admit, I am a pretty good liar.



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