Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

-ON HOLD for some time -
Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


7. Feelings For Him

(Ally's POV)

  Looking at Louis bought back all of the memories we shared since we could talk. This time, when I would look at him, I felt something different. Was it just because I havent seen him in years or is it something more? I never felt this way towards Louis. I always thought of him as a brother, nothing more. But could that be changing? No. I cant fall in love with him.Our friendship would be ruined if things go bad. I really need to just push aside my feelings.


    "So you know how we had a secret hang out place before I moved?''  Louis asked. I nodded. I remember how before he moved we had a tree house as our daily secret hang out place. "Well we should find one here," Louis suggested smiling. His smiling was snap out of it Ally you're not going to fall for Louis. "I would love that! When?" I asked excitingly. "Umm how does tomorrow sound?" he asked. "Tomorrow it is," I replied giving him a thumbs up.



-Authors Note-

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