Loved You First (A Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Ally has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson since they were babies. They spent everyday together until Louis moved to England to do x-factor. It's been three years since they've seen each other. They still kept in touch over the phone but they never seen each other since Louis left. One day Ally wakes up and finds out shes moving to England. Once she reunites with Louis, she meets the other boys from One Direction. Louis has always loved Ally and still does but he always kept it to himself. When he's about to tell Ally how he feels..his best mate, Harry asks her to be his girlfriend and Ally says yes. This caused nothing but trouble. Who will Ally choose? Louis or Harry?


19. Awkward

(Louis' POV)

 From what Harry just told me, I was more heartbroken than before. A few tears managed to escape my eyes. I couldnt bring myself to beleive it. I had confidence that the letter would at least change something. But guess not. Now you're probably wondering where I decided to live at for the next couple of days. The answer is Niall's house. Niall was reading over the texts Harry sent and once he was done he handed me back my phone. "I'm sorry Louis. But does that really sound like something Ally would say?" he questioned. He had a point. Ally and I were best friends for over a decade. She cant just throw me to the side that fast..or could she? "She would've texted me by now then saying something,'' I replied. Then the phone started ringing. Could it be Ally? I ran with hope to the phone but was disappointed when I picked up. "Hey Louis,'' Liam said on the other end. "Hi,'' I replied. "You sound down, everything okay?" he asked. I really have to work on faking my feelings. "Yeah, just tired,'' I lied. "Oh well Paul called saying we actually have four more days of our break. They're ending it early." Well that sucks. "Anything else?" I asked. "Management wants us to go to the studio tomorrow  to practice our vocals before we head off,'' he replied. I sighed and said, "Okay thanks for calling,'' as I hanged up.

  "What is it?" Niall asked. "Break ends in four days and we have to go to the studio tomorrow,'' I replied surrowly. Going to the studio meant seeing Harry and possibily Ally. Break ending in four days meant being with Harry everyday. And possibily, again, Ally. I wasnt prepared for that, nor was my heart. I was not looking forward to it.


(Harry's POV)

  I went back downstairs to Ally who was on the phone. "Okeey, I'll tell him. Byee!" she said hanging up. She had a bit of surrow in her eyes. I put my arm around her to comfort her. "Who was that?" I asked. "Liam,'' she replied. "What'd he say?" "You guys have to go to the studio tomorrow to practice some vocals. And your break ends in four days, meaning we only got four more days left together,'' she sighed looking down. "Hey, Ally, its alright. I'll ask the management if you can come along,'' I replied kissing her on the forehead. I grabbed my phone and called up the management. Luckily, they said yes! I beemed with happiness but faked sadness towards Ally. "They said no?" she asked with worried eyes. "Yeah, sorry babe. But we can make long distance relationships work,'' I smiled at her. "What if it doesnt?" she questioned. "Well, if its meant to work it will work. I'll call you everyday and say goodnight to you every night,'' I reassured her. "You better,'' she playfully warned and gave me a big tight hug. I couldnt help but laugh. I wasnt the best person to prank someone. "Why are you laughing?" she asked looking up at me. "You're coming along babe,'' I replied. Her eyes lit up as she jumped up and down pumping her fist in the air. Awhh, she's adorable.


(Ally's POV)

I was celebrating when Harry told me I could come along. But then a thought interupted my celebration. Going on tour with One Direction meant Louis was going to be there. Harry apparently realzied too cause he smirked,''Dont worry. I'll be there with you. Just dont pay attention to him. Mentally erase him from your world.'' Yeah, I could possibily do that. But then again he was my best friend for the longest time. And I did have feelings for him at a point. But every speck of those feelings left. I had a feeling Harry was right when he said this morning that Louis was just playing with my feelings. I was lost in my thoughts when Harry asked waved his hand in fount of me. "What were you thinking about?" he wondered. "Oh its nothing,'' I responded. "You sure?" "Yeah," I reassured him. And with that I continued another lovely day with my perfect boyfriend, Mr Harry Styles.

-The Next Morning-

I was awakened by Harry's soft voice singing.

'Cause you, you got this spell on me
I don't know what to believe
Kiss you once, now I can't leave!
Cause everything you do is magic
Yeah everything you do is magic'  (Magic by One Direction on the Take Me Home Album)


Every morning he would wake me up to some song. I looked up at him who was smiling down at me. "Good Morning Beautiful,'' he sang. "Good Morning Harry,'' I replied getting out of bed. "Are you excited for today?" he asked. "Yes! Minus the Louis part,'' I sighed. "Babe, what'd I say yesterday?" he said reminding me that I was going to mentally erase Louis from my life. "Cant wait to see how Zayn, Niall, Liam sound in person," I smiled. "Thats my girl,'' he smirked and then kissed me on the cheek.

(Harry's POV)

  Dont get me wrong. Im feeling bad through everything. From the lies to telling Ally to mentally erase Louis. Afterall he is part of One Direction. I was just nervous the truth would come out some way and Ally would hate me. My overprotectiveness was taking over and changing me into a horrible boyfriend and a horrible friend.


(Ally's POV)

   Once I got dressed, Harry and I met up in the kitchen. He was wearing a white v-neck with black skinny jeans. I on the other hand, was wearing a blue hollistar shirt with white shorts and silver sandals. "You look pretty,'' Harry said hugging me. "You look great yourself too," I replied as we headed to the car. After a short ten minute drive we reached the studio. "Now remember, dont worry about Louis. Just ignore him,'' Harry reminded me holding my hand. I nodded my head as we walked in. Liam and Zayn were talking while Niall was snacking on some popcorn as always. We all greeted each other and then I was searching for Louis. I saw him sitting in a chair on his phone as he looked up. Ugh, he probably thought I was staring at him. He had heartbroken eyes though. I couldnt help but kept looking into his eyes. Harry squeezed my hand to get my attention. I looked towards him and he whispered, "Ignore." I nodded and turned my back to Louis. The boys gathered up and sang some songs that they were going to perform at their concerts. Once they were done I clapped,"That was amzayn!" "Thanks! So I heard you were coming on tour with us,'' Liam smiled. I nodded my head. From the corner of my eye I could see Louis let out a small groan and moved his eyes towards the ground. What was his problem? I didnt do anything! Mentally erase, mentally erase I kept saying to myself in my head. "Well see you lads in four days," Zayn said as we all headed out the door. Harry and I followed behind Louis as I tripped and fell right into Louis' arms as we both fell to the floor. We made eye contact and stayed like that for a good ten seconds. Awkward much?





-Authors Note-

At the end of each chapter I always want to thank you guys.(: So thank you so much for reading this so far and favoriting/liking/commenting/and becoming a fan.<3
Please continue and if you havent please do, It means alot(: Dont be a silent reader. c;


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