Army Of Two

You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm suffocating under the borderlines of Canada, who wish to have me as their own? We need to run, jump, and hide because I'm no longer fighting for Simon or for the Angels, I'm fighting for you as you fight for me. Together we are an army to not be reckoned with, we are an Army Of Two. But this time the weather is hotter, the missions more dangerous and the sex has just gotten sweeter.
*Sequel to Baise-Moi*


8. Santa Barbara x 5

I turned off the ignition in the car and Zayn and I stepped out at the same time. Simon wasn't joking when he said beach side location. Because that's where we were located, literally on the beach, and instead of stepping out on concrete we stepped on gold sand. 

I reached down and pulled my sandals from my feet and looped them with my fingers. "Okay," I said simply. "This is the first for Simon."

Zayn looked away from the house and towards me, "What do you mean?"

"We usually never get the luxurious houses, because we always end up blowing them up."

He chuckled as he looked back to the house. "True. Welcome to Coral Mansion."

"What?" It was my time to question him. 

"This is the place the guys and me stay when we are in California."

"So you've been here before?"

"Many times," he smiled towards me. "I'll show you around." 

He motioned me forward and I followed him. Zayn pulled out his duffel bag before pulling out mine, and with luggage in hand we walked up the boardwalk style stairs and onto the porch. 

He tried to open the door but it wouldn't allow him. "Stop," I said making him stop pulling on the door handle and pointed to the thumb scanner.

"That most certainly wasn't there before," he said to me as I placed my thumb over the scanner. 

"Welcome Agent Claudeta," said the robotic voice and the door unlocked. 

Zayn opened the door and his smile quickly vanished as he stopped mid sentence to welcome me. 

My eyes grew wide, "For fuck's sake, I'm not a babysitter." 


"What are you all doing here?" Zayn asked as I leaned against the counter in the kitchen. 

"We have a tour, duh," said Louis sarcastically. "So Zayn, did you get it in yet?" 

"Shut up," said Zayn and I rolled my eyes. 

"We are here for tour, though," continued Harry. 

"I'm not doing any concert," Zayn started. "Things are a little rough right now." 

"I bet," Louis joked as he hi-fived Niall.

"Shut up!" Zayn yelled and Louis' face dropped. 

"Sorry, mate," started Louis. "I didn't realize you were still so stressed." 

"I'm not stressed," he muttered. "I'm just overwhelmed. I can't believe Simon would continue tours in America when everything is so fucked up."

"Why? What's going on with the Angels?" Liam asked and before Zayn could talk I interrupted. 

"Nothing," I started. "This has everything to do with me. I'm being tracked."

"What country now?" Harry asked. 

"Canada," I crossed my arms. "They sent a past friend to retrieve me."

"Friend?" He continued.

"We used to train together before I was given to the Angels. If he's the same, you have nothing to worry about, I've beat his ass more than once." 

"Great," said Liam. 

"Yea cos we have a show in three hours," said Harry.

"I'm not going to any show," Zayn and I both said at the same time. 

"Simon says differently," Harry smirked. "And so does London Headquarters."

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