Army Of Two

You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm suffocating under the borderlines of Canada, who wish to have me as their own? We need to run, jump, and hide because I'm no longer fighting for Simon or for the Angels, I'm fighting for you as you fight for me. Together we are an army to not be reckoned with, we are an Army Of Two. But this time the weather is hotter, the missions more dangerous and the sex has just gotten sweeter.
*Sequel to Baise-Moi*


9. Pushed

I found myself laced into another dress. I hated dresses, no where to hide anything. You turn one way people would see my shotgun, I turn the other way people would see my knife collection. I exhaled, looking at myself in the mirror. 

Zayn walked into the door, his eyes stopping on me. "Black," he smiled. "It fits you." 

"Very funny," I scoffed as I continued to turn myself.

"Giselle, you look amazing. So amazing I want to take that dress back off you--."

"It's not how I look, Zayn," I started. "I can't hide any weapons."

"We are going to a concert not the Grammys." 

I looked at him, "So I should wear something more 'bodyguard' like? Combat boots, fitted shirt and leggings?" 

"Now you're talking! You'll look like a ninja!" He fell down on the bed. 

I turned and looked at him, my eyes narrowing. "Zayn, are you okay?"

"Fantastic!" He still lay back down onto the bed, but raised his arms waving two thumbs up in the air. 

"Really? I say different." I got next to him.

"Ooh, I like this!" 

"Stop," his fingers kept going for the zipper of my dress. "Zayn--." I lifted my dress just so I could straddle him. I took his wrists and pinned them above his head. 

"Yes, I love it when you're rough," he smiled up at me. 

I watched his pupils. "Look at me."

He watched me with amazement. "You're so pretty."

"What do you see?" I was actually getting amused by this. 

"Diamonds. Swirling in circles, sparkling. So, so shiny."

"Which one of those dickheads downstairs gave you medicine?" 

"What?!" He started laughing. "Harry said it would calm the nerves. He said it was a Headquarters Special."

"Err," I got off Zayn frustrated. 

"Where you going?" Zayn asked as he watched me from the bed. 

"Going to talk to Harry, I'll be right back."

"Hurry!" Then he started to sing I'm a Little Teapot. I exhaled rolling my eyes as I ran down the stairs, almost tripping over my dress more than once. 

"HARRY!" I yell when I finally get downstairs. 

"W-What--whoa. Simon does know where to get clothing for all of you." 

"What? I need to talk to you. What the fuck were you thinking, giving Zayn--." We walked into the kitchen and I was stopped. Stopped by the sight of seeing the rest of Angels looking back at me. All wearing the same dress, different colors. 

"Give Zayn what?" Alessandra asked. 

"Where did you get the LSD?" I turned towards Harry. 

He narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms. "You know, for being a secret agent you can't hide shit." 

"What did you do with it?" 

"Well," he started. "Some of it is in Zayn, and Liam, and Niall, and Louis." 

"You fucking bastard," I said pushing past him and entering the living room. "Oh no." 

Liam was upside down on the couch, Niall was staring up at the ceiling watching the fan spin and Louis was catching invisible bubbles in the air as he made a "Pop" noise every time he caught one. 

"They have a bloody show in less than two hours." 

"I guess not anymore," said Vera.

"Harry why did you do this? Headquarters is going to kill both of us. Unless--."

"What are you thinking?" Rosalind asked me. I turned around and faced Harry, the other girls followed me. 

"Harry," I breathed. "You've changed haven't you?"

He smiled as he leaned against the wall, clapping his hands. "Very good. I was getting impatient, waiting for you to figure it out. The Canadians pay a lot, anyways."

"How could you?!" Alessandra yelled. "You've made a terrible mistake." 

"Do you understand what you've done?" 

"I created an incredible alliance," he started. "And I can work all on my own." 

"What are you talking about?" I questioned him.

"No more Headquarters telling me where I should and should not go. What I should do. The Canadians want one thing--you--and I thought I would give it to them."

"Well you're sadly mistaken," said Rosalind. "You can make as many alliances you want but there's a reason we are called Angels." 

"I've done every type of research on you Angels and it's nothing impressive."

"Don't push us, Harry," I started. 

"Pushed," he muttered. 

"Wrong decision," I said finally as Vera, Rosalind, and Alessandra went after him. 

I found the duffel bad filled with antidotes and weapons. I went through the bag fast, keeping an eye on the girls and Harry. Bodies were flung against the wall, weapons coming close to necks. 

My fingers touched the small bottle filled with blue liquid. I grabbed four syringes, I had to do this fast. 

I filled one syringe with the antidote, flicking away the air bubbles before I went over to Liam. I helped him sit upright and placed the needle in his forearm. 

He watched the needle and then smiled at me. Wow, they were really high. 

I pulled the syringe out of him and placed my hands on either side of his face, watching his eyes. His pupils were slowly getting smaller. 

"Whoa," he breathed. "That was the fastest I ever got down from a high." 

I smiled, "Welcome back, now help me with the others."

"Why are they fighting Harry?" He asked me, pointing to the girls and Harry. 

"Harry has made some bad decisions, so they are hoping they can beat reality back into him." 


"Liam I would love to explain more, but we need to get this antidote in all of you. Simon will kill us all if first no one shows up tonight and secondly if I bring you all high. This isn't my job, but I'm trying my hardest to at least put forward some help."

Liam placed his hand over my arm. "You being here is enough help." 

"Thanks," I muttered before I filled another syringe. I went to Louis next. "I will inject him with the antidote and then you have to explain to him what's going on. You were simple to explain things too, but people react differently."

He nodded. 

I placed the syringe into Louis and then watched his eyes as he quickly came off the high. 

"Fuck," Louis muttered and Liam started to talk as I went over to Niall. 

I started to insert the needle. "Liam," I said and Louis and Liam soon were next to me. 

Niall's pupils went back to normal quickly, and the others started to explain. I stood up and reached for another syringe before sliding along the hardwood floors up the stairs to Zayn. 

I could hear the skin hitting skin downstairs, even when I entered my bedroom. 

"Zayn?" He was nowhere. "Zayn?" I saw a flash behind me and quickly turned. Lucas stood with Zayn at the end of the hallway by the double windows. "Lucas, you've found me quickly."

"I'm no longer Lucas," he said. Zayn was in front of him and he was holding onto him. "They call me Jeremy now."

I smiled, "So you've done it. You've killed the real Lucas Poe."

"Very good," he said. "You know when I started to steal identities I didn't think it would lead me working for the Canadian Secret Agency." 

"I hope you don't think you're Canadian as well." 

"I know where I fucking come from," his covered British accent slowing slipping to the surface. "But I know who I belong to, unlike you. I can't believe you chose the Angels over us, over me."

"Please, you know were we nothing special and you knew damn well that I was going to be taken to the Angels."

I glanced at Zayn, he was smiling widely oblivious to what was going on. 

"We could have been great," he said. 

"Lu--Jeremy, please I need to get Zayn off his high," I said showing the syringe and antidote. "Please, we can solve this."

I stepped closer and he watched me. "You still self harm." 

I stopped walking and stopped looking at Zayn and brought my eyes close up to Jeremy. "Yes," I muttered. "You?"

He picked up his dark black sleeve and I saw the red lines, "Yes." 

"So our past hasn't completely left us," I said simply. I reached Zayn, and placed the needle into his arm. His eyes drifted back to their normal. 

"Wh--what happened?" 

Zayn fell to the floor and I crouched down. "Harry has drugged you. He's decided to--." I stopped and looked up at Jeremy. "Did you know?"

"About Styles? Of course. He's fairly popular at Headquarters," he said. 

"How long?" I asked him, standing up. 

He exhaled, bringing his fingers through his almond colored hair. "Damn, Giselle, five maybe more years." 

"So all of this, everything, was just to get me to change sides?"

"Well," he started. "Yea I wanted you to join us, but Styles had different intentions. He only got assigned to you because of our past. He wants you, but not to bring you back to the agency. He wants you all to himself."

"Whoa, whoa," said Zayn as he stood up. "She's mine." 

"I know," Jeremy said. "I never meant for anything of this to happen. Giselle you were, well, everything to me. I'm sorry what happened, and what is happening. I've been trying to get the agency to send Styles home, but nothing works."

"Simon, he called me, told me you were after me."

"That's what I told Headquarters so they would let me come." 

"Why would he drug everyone?" 

"He's drugging everyone so you lose your job. He wants you to get away from the Angels and he will do anything. I finally found you and entered through the window, to warn you, and saw Zayn,  I was helping him up from the ground," he turned towards Zayn. "You really need to learn how to handle the drugs that enter your bloodstream." 

"Jeremy," I begun. "Harry has basically lied to everyone?"

"Yea, he's got everyone fooled. Let me guess he works for London Headquarters as a celebrity protector?" 

I swallowed. 

"It's not a bad excuse, but go to London Headquarters, ask for Harry Styles. Their eyes will widen and they will destroy every document they own. Harry is crazy, insane, and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Canada doesn't want you, Harry wants you. Fuck, we would be happy if you chose to switch agencies, but we aren't going to kidnap you. Harry will though. You just haven't given him enough room to do so." 

"Do you know what he's planning next?" 

"No, no one ever knows what he's gonna do. He changes everything so quickly. Giselle, I'm here to help."

"Good," said Zayn. "Cos it sounds like people are getting the shit beat out of them downstairs." 

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