Army Of Two

You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm suffocating under the borderlines of Canada, who wish to have me as their own? We need to run, jump, and hide because I'm no longer fighting for Simon or for the Angels, I'm fighting for you as you fight for me. Together we are an army to not be reckoned with, we are an Army Of Two. But this time the weather is hotter, the missions more dangerous and the sex has just gotten sweeter.
*Sequel to Baise-Moi*


1. Prologue

He held my hand tight. 

We walked up to the ledge of the skyscraper and with a small glance we both looked down at the ant size people below us on the boardwalk. The ocean spanned out in front of us and was our jumping grounds. The wind was rough, whipping my hair. 

I glanced at Zayn my eyes scanning over his dark jeans hanging on his hips low. His bare chest moving fast as he looked towards me. His eyes started own at our hands and then went to my high rise jean shorts and finally up to my same quick pulsing chest that was still covered with my black lace bra. 

"We have to hurry," I said quickly and then looking behind us to make sure we were still safe on the rooftop.

"Are you sure we'll be safe?" He asked me nervously. 

"Of course, besides you are with me. I wouldn't let anything hurt you, but if we stay on this rooftop any longer we'll both be dead." 

He gulped, "Why can't have a normal holiday, where I lay out on the beach and relax?"

"Uh, do I have to remember you again, that you are with me?" I heard a door slam open behind me and we both turned and soon we were surrounded at gunpoint. "Jump."

I pulled Zayn with me and soon we were soaring through the blue sky.


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