Army Of Two

You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm suffocating under the borderlines of Canada, who wish to have me as their own? We need to run, jump, and hide because I'm no longer fighting for Simon or for the Angels, I'm fighting for you as you fight for me. Together we are an army to not be reckoned with, we are an Army Of Two. But this time the weather is hotter, the missions more dangerous and the sex has just gotten sweeter.
*Sequel to Baise-Moi*


3. Driftwood

My toes curled further into the warm sand as the water rushed up to me. My clothing hung loose on me, my makeup ran down my cheeks as I watched the sunset out over the ocean. The wind was subtle, but was enough to move my long dark hair across my back and onto my neck. 

Twenty-four hours ago was rough, trying my hardest to fight my next new enemy. The other girls knew I was wanted once again and if I wasn't fighting them I was crying on the beach. I was broken, and I couldn't find that linking piece that I needed. Of course I know who that missing is, and he was a country and ocean away. 

I was stuck. 

I thought maybe everything would just be easier if I was gone. I never understood why I was the girl to be wanted by the several other countries out there. What did I have that the other girls didn't have? Why was I the special one? Therefore I thought everything would just be better for everyone if I disappeared. 

I thought that maybe if I walk far enough out into the water the currant would take me and suck me into the dark oblivion. Yes, that would work. I lifted my right foot and brought it closer into the water, ready.


I turned back and saw him, thinking he was an illusion. There's no way. 

"Sunset, right?" He questioned me.

I nodded back, "I never thought--."

"Shh," he hushed me. "We need to be together. I need you. You need me. So I found you...."

I didn't really hear what he said afterwards because I still didn't believe he was real. But instead I heard myself say, "I've missed you, Zayn."

He stepped forward, the tears falling willingly down my face. He pulled me into his arms, crushing me to his hard chest that smelled of cigarette smoke and peppermint. 

"I'm sorry it took me forever to find you," he muttered into my hair. 

"I'm just glad you did."

"Simon has said you changed, and not for the good." He pulled away gently, looking down at me. "What's going on?" 

"Ugh," a rush of frustration arose inside of me. "Simon, he's so tiring. Bringing me to America was probably the worse decision he could've made. Over here stresses grow until they absorb you, I--."

He cut me off by grabbing my wrist and bringing it up to his eyesight. "Giselle," he gasped noticing the bright red stripes that streaked up my wrist and ended close to the center of my elbow. "How old are these?"

I thought about it, "A couple of days ago." 

"You're lying," he said looking up into my eyes. 

"Why does it matter?" I forcefully take my wrist away from his grasp. "You don't own me, you can't tell me what to do."

"Giselle, I know what I should do, I know my purpose, but what you are doing could kill you." 

"That's a sacrifice I take everyday," I crossed my arms and turned looking back out to the ocean. I wasn't expecting this to be how our reunion turned out. 

"That's a sacrifice you take when you are out saving the world." I scoffed at his words. "Wouldn't it be a shame if you die from your own stupid-ness?"

I quickly turned back to him and noticed his facial features change. He instantly regretted what he said, it was written all over his face. 

"I think it's time for you to get back on that plane."

Moments passed. Silence.

"People are right," he started as he begun to turn around.

"Right about what?" I asked before he turned, but he stopped and looked at me. Hurt in his dark eyes, the sun vanishing behind us. Only a faint glow illuminating our skin. 

"America does change people for the worse," he said his accent thick as he choked over the tears welling in his eyes.

There was no goodbye, though, as he turned away and walked back to the boardwalk. I was frustrated, and needed relief. How could someone take away my pain with a razor blade but at the same time make me want to push that sharp end back into my skin. 

The wind was growing stronger and I finally decided to leave to the sand and go back to the flat. I held my sandals with my fingers and took the alleyway shortcuts. I finally walked onto the broken and fantasy street of Sunset Boulevard. I looked up and down the street, realizing that this was my clue to Zayn. For him to find me at sunset, my original attention was stupid. I regret it.

Now I realized what Rosalind always told me was true. To never fall in love with your mission. 

Because it will destroy you in the end. Leaving you corrupt. 


I continued barefoot up the stairs to the penthouse I shared. Instead of taking the elevators I took the long way up. The slow moving pace route which would eventually lead me to the flat. I couldn't help but let the tears to continually fall from my eyes. 

I finally made it to the top floor and walked closer and closer to the door. I exhaled before walking in, noting that I wasn't going to bring up Zayn. 

Maybe it was time to forget the past and move on. 

I placed my hand over the door knob and turned, pushing the wood forward. 

"Giselle!" My name echoed throughout the flat as I closed the door behind me. I looked up at Alessandra as she smiled, twirling herself on one of the bar stools. "We have something for you!"

"Fantastic," I said under my breath. "What is it?" I said a little louder.

"We picked up a stowaway," said Vera appearing from the living room. 

My eyes widened, she couldn't be serious. Maybe she was lying, trying to get to me, but she wasn't.

"Zayn," I breathed as he followed Vera into the kitchen. 

"I told you a long time ago that I don't give up easily," he said leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. 

I followed his movements and crossed my arms, "Then that makes two of us."

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