Army Of Two

You've found me right when I needed you the most. And now we are living on the love that we deserve, and you are going to have to heal me. When will there be time for me and you especially now that I'm suffocating under the borderlines of Canada, who wish to have me as their own? We need to run, jump, and hide because I'm no longer fighting for Simon or for the Angels, I'm fighting for you as you fight for me. Together we are an army to not be reckoned with, we are an Army Of Two. But this time the weather is hotter, the missions more dangerous and the sex has just gotten sweeter.
*Sequel to Baise-Moi*


10. Decoy

"I'm honestly tired with all this bullshit," I said towards Jeremy as I left his bedroom and towards Harry's. I opened his door and he smirked. He was handcuffed to the bed, unable to move. "What the fuck are you doing letting people operate on you?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He spat like he was possessed. 

"You fucking idiot," I shook my head gently. "Jeremy!" 

He soon entered the room, and I sat behind Harry on the bed. 

"Get away from me you bitch," said Harry. "I can't wait to take you and cut you to pieces."

"Well that's a picture," I said sarcastically as Jeremy unwrapped the cloth filled with metal. I picked a scalpel. 

I pushed the bottom of Harry's hair away.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" He struggled, but Jeremy dropped the cloth filled metal to the table and forced all his weight on him.

I felt the skin right below his hairline and felt the device. 

"You're right," I said to Jeremy. "Decoy device. Typical. The Canadians wouldn't put this in him, he was obviously cut up one night when he had to much to drink and doesn't remember it."

"Can you remove it?" Jeremy asked.

"Yea." I placed the scalpel against the metal and started to slice. 

"Fuck, oh, I'm going to kill you, you fucking bitch," Harry kept threatening.

"Yea, yea," I muttered as I placed the bloody scalpel in between my teeth and used my fingers under his skin. I found the thin metal device and reached for a pair of scissors, cutting the surgical strings. I slowly pulled it from his body and placed it on the table before getting a needle and thread to sew up the wound. "Harry?" I muttered.


"He blacked out," said Jeremy. "His pulse is still strong, maybe one eighty beats per minute."

"Good," I said as I finished sewing him up. "Well that should help with his uncontrollable behavior. Take this," I handed him the blood covered metal device in a towel to him. "Send it to either headquarters and run an analysis scan. I want to know who put that thing inside him."

"What are you thinking, Giselle?"

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid the person who planted that in him is in this house." I exited the room, and ran downstairs to the kitchen. 

Everyone was surrounding the kitchen table and their eyes instantly went to my bloody hands. 

"No worries," I said. "It's not mine, it's Harry's."

"You literally beat the shit out of him," said Niall. 

I rolled my eyes as I washed my hands. When I was done I went to the table. "Do any of you have a decoy device?" 

"What?" Louis questioned. 

"Not you," I said towards the guys. They all shook their heads except Rosalind. "Rosalind?"

"Yea I have one, but I never used it."

"Someone had too because it was connected into Harry's brain."

"Giselle you know me, I would never do something so stupid," said Rosalind. 

"I know, but who would?" I answered truthfully. I was so confused, the girls wouldn't go against me, they wouldn't risk it. 

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