Hospitals & Hound dogs

This is the Sequel for Middle names & Name calling Adam & Trish plan a prank on Dez but it happens to Austin instead giving him a concussion Dez buys a hound dog


2. Your a goner Adam Dawson!

Adam: (on the phone with Ally) Ally come down to the hospital Austin got a concussion 

Ally: what! I'll be right there (hangs up and runs out) 

(at the hospital) 

Ally: what happened 

Adam: Austin was the one who fell for the prank and hit his head on the ground

Ally: your a goner Adam Dawson! 

Trish: Ally you don't have time to kill him Austin is in the hospital 

Ally: right 

(goes to Austin's hospital room) 

Ally: aw it's just to horrible (she barrys her head in Adams shoulder) 

Adam: Als I'm so sorry 

Ally: it's okay it wasn't your fault 

Adam: yes it was Ally

Doctor: he's going to be just fine he'll be up in a couple of hours 

Ally: thank goodness 

Trish: Ally I'm gonna beat up Dez I'll be back later

(2 hours pass) 

Austin: (just waking up) Adam? 

Adam: Austin! 

Austin: where's Ally 

Adam: asleep I'll wake her up 

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