Hospitals & Hound dogs

This is the Sequel for Middle names & Name calling Adam & Trish plan a prank on Dez but it happens to Austin instead giving him a concussion Dez buys a hound dog


1. Uh ohs & punch ohs

(Adam walks in) 

Adam: I am so mad!

Trish: has Dez been calling you chicken legs too!

Adam: yes! We need to get him back 

Trish: yes, yes we do 

(Ally walks in) 

Ally: Trish are you planning revenge 

Trish: why would you say that

Ally: cause you only get that look on your face when you plan revenge 

Adam: we're gonna prank Dez 

Ally: nice I guess 

Adam: c'mon Trish lets go 

( they leave) 

Ally: ( writing in her book) reminder never make Trish and Adam mad 

(Ally walks upstairs humming break down the walls) ( I don't own the song Austin & Ally) 

(goes to Trish and Adam pouring oil on the floor) 

Trish: hurry up Dez is coming 

Adam: done 

(They hide behind the counter) 

(Austin walks in slips and falls and gets knocked out) 

Adam: (runs over to Austin) Austin! Austin! He won't wake up 

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