Hospitals & Hound dogs

This is the Sequel for Middle names & Name calling Adam & Trish plan a prank on Dez but it happens to Austin instead giving him a concussion Dez buys a hound dog


3. Reunite

Adam: Ally! Wake up Austin's awake 

Ally: really! 

Adam: yeah go see him 

Ally: Austin! 

(They hug) 

Austin: how long was I out 

Adam: 5 hours 

Austin: well I'm just happy to be back 

Ally: we're happy your back too 

(Doctor walks in) 

Doctor: Austin you are free to go 

(Doctor leaves)

(Dez walks in with a hound dog)

Austin: Dez what's with the hound dog 

Dez: oh I was gone all day trying to pick out a pet and I finally found one!

Austin: what's it's name

Dez: pancakes! 

Austin: Awesome! 

Dez: I also got a bird named pickles ( holds up a bird ) 

Adam & Ally: Awesome! 

(Trish walks in)

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