Hospitals & Hound dogs

This is the Sequel for Middle names & Name calling Adam & Trish plan a prank on Dez but it happens to Austin instead giving him a concussion Dez buys a hound dog


4. Back home

(Austin walks in)

Austin: hey Ally what's up 

Ally: I'm birdsitting pickles 

Austin: awesome

(Adam & Trish walk in)

Trish: guess who punched Dez in the face

Ally: I'm guessing you 

Trish: yep!

(Dez walks in)

Dez: Trish pancakes will be over later to eat you! 

Trish: (sticks her tounge out a Dez) 

(he does the same they walk off) 

Austin, Ally & Adam: (sigh) Idiots 


well that was my Austin and Ally fanfic I don't own Austin & Ally but I do own Adam, pickles, and pancakes 

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