Middle names & Name calling

This is the sequel to Brothers & Butter Ally writes her full name in her book the page gets ripped out she freaks and her career might be over Adam & Trish keep calling Austin & Dez names


3. Standing up to Tilly

Ally: don't look me my makeup is running 

Austin: why? 

Ally: because Tilly found out my middle name and she said she's gonna used it against me and steal you away 

Austin: then she's stupid to think that I would ever leave the perfect girl

Ally: aww Austin 

( she hugs him) 

(Adam knocks on the door) 

Adam: is everything okay? 

Ally: yes you can come in Adam 

( he comes in) 

Austin: Tilly made Ally cry

Adam: what a piece of crap! Ally you need to confront her and stand up for yourself 

Ally: will you guys come with me 

Austin & Adam: Sure 

( they each take one of Ally's hands and walk to Tilly's house) 

(Ally knocks on the door) 

Tilly: hey Ally, Austin and what ever your name is 

Adam: I'm Ally's brother Adam 

Tilly: why are you here again 

Ally: to stand up to you Tilly give me that paper ( she rips the paper out of Tilly's hand) 

Tilly: you still can't stop me from getting Austin 

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