Middle names & Name calling

This is the sequel to Brothers & Butter Ally writes her full name in her book the page gets ripped out she freaks and her career might be over Adam & Trish keep calling Austin & Dez names


1. Ripped pages and big cages

Ally: AHH! 

Adam: what! 

Ally: some one ripped a page out of my book that page had my full name on it! 

Adam: Ally this could ruin your career if one of your enemies has it

Ally: thanks for giving me that thought Adam!

Adam: sorry 

(Austin runs in) 

Austin: Ally what's wrong 

Ally: nothing! (She runs out)

Austin: what's wrong with her 

Adam: I don't know coconut butt 

Austin:okay..... Where's Trish and Dez 

Adam: downstairs 

( they go downstairs)

Dez: get me out of this cage Trish! 

Trish: not until you take back what you said

Dez: NEVER! 

Austin: Trish get him out 

Trish: then tell him to say sorry for calling funky monkey butt 

Austin & Adam: Idiots

Trish & Dez: Popsicles 

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