Middle names & Name calling

This is the sequel to Brothers & Butter Ally writes her full name in her book the page gets ripped out she freaks and her career might be over Adam & Trish keep calling Austin & Dez names


2. Jerks & Perks

Ally: hey Mrs Thomason is Tilly here 

Mrs Thomason: yes dear just up stairs 

Ally: thanks

(Ally goes upstairs) 

Tilly: what do you want Ally Davis Dawson 

Ally: I knew you ripped the page out of my book 

Tilly: of course and once I tell Austin he'll break up with you and become my boyfriend 

Ally: (crying) your a jerk Tilly Thomason 

(she leaves) 

Austin: ( hands Adam some CDs) can you put these away for me 

Adam: sure thing Monica 

Austin: will you quit calling me names!

Adam: no booger butt 

(Ally runs in crying) 

Adam: Ally what's wrong 

(She ignores him and runs upstairs to the practice room)

Adam: Austin go check on her

Austin: I will 

(goes to the practice room) 

(Austin walks in)

Austin: Ally....

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