Middle names & Name calling

This is the sequel to Brothers & Butter Ally writes her full name in her book the page gets ripped out she freaks and her career might be over Adam & Trish keep calling Austin & Dez names


4. Homies & Happy endings

Austin: but I can listen Tilly you are never taking me away from Ally so don't even try! 

Ally: Tilly your done pack up your crap and get out of my face! 

(Tilly angrily shuts the door) 

Adam: group hug! 

(They hug)

Ally:(still hugging) there are two people missing from this hug 

Adam: that's because Austin and I locked them in a cage 

(they high five) 

Ally: why? 

Austin: cause they wouldn't quit fighting 

(Goes to sonic boom) 

(shows Trish and Dez asleep in a cage) 

Ally: I'm surrounded by idiots 


 well that's the sequel to Brothers & Butter I don't own Austin & Ally or Tilly but I do own Adam Dawson 

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