Love Hurts (Niall Horan Fanfic)

My name is Kelyce.I'm 17 years old. I hate my life. My hearts been broken so many times that I don't trust anyone, but my sister. People at school bully me and my parents have deserted me. Left me and my little sister to fend for ourselves. I now struggle to live, to eat, to learn, and most of all to love.The only reason that I am still living and breathing is because of Vanessa. The only person that I really love and trust is my 11 year old sister, Vanessa. No one understands me except for Vanessa, and no one ever will.


7. Chapter 6

Kelyce's P.O.V

More fans? I understand he is famous and all, but my gosh, these fans are crazy.

I pull out my phone and check twitter. I begin to tweet,

"Why do fans have to show up everywhere?" I type and click the tweet button.

I lock my phone and put it away. I look over to Niall, "Sorry" he says with his eyes and gives me a reassuring smile.

"I'm sorry Kelyce, that my fans have mobbed you twice he says, as we walk into the restaurant, with our fingers entwined.

I notice, and jerk my hand away, a bit too harshly. I soon see Niall's face frown.

"Sorry" I say.

"It's fine" he says.

"The Name Is Horan" he says to the man standing behind the small table.

"Follow me"

When we reach the table, Niall pulls out the chair for me.

"Thank you"

"Your server will be here in a minute" the man says and walks away.

"This place is amzing, Niall" I say.

"You like it?" he says.

"I love it, it's beautiful and so fancy"

Our server soon comes and puts a bottle of wine on the table.

"I don't drink" I say.

"Sorry" Niall says, slightly embarrased.

"It's fine you didn't know"

"So, what's it like being apart of the biggest boyband in the world?"

"Fun, it has it's perks"

"Like what?" I ask curiously.

"The fans, their incredible, without them we wouldn't be anywhere without them"

"They seem really dedicated to you guys" I say taking a sip of my water.

"Mhm" he said biting his lip.

"So, what do you do?"

"I work at starbucks, and go to school" I say.

"I didn't know starbucks had a cute barista" he said raising his eyebrows, from left to right.

"Your silly" I say through giggles.

"What do you do in your spare time?" I ask.

"I play meh tar, and write some songs" He said with a thick Irish accent.

"What about you?" He asks.

"I take care of my sister and work and go to school, so I have no free time" I responded.

"Right, what happened to your parents, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Um, I honestly don't want to talk about them, can we talk abut something else please?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm sorry I asked" He said.

About 5 minutes later we ordered our food.

I ordered chicken alfredo, and Niall ordered spaghetti and meatballs.

While we waited for our food to come we talked about his family and how the band came to be one direction.

When the food came I sloppily digged in and it tasted so good. I stuffed a fork full into my mouth, I felt eyes on me.

"Sorry" I said embarrased.

"I think it's cute, I like girls who eat" he said and winked.

When we finished he called for the bill and we left.

He opened the car door for me and we drove off into the darkness.

When we got to my house he jogged around the car to open my door and then I got out.

"I had fun" I said blushing slightly.

"Yeah me too," he said.

"We should do this again"he said.

"Yeah," I said.

"Goodnight Niall" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight Kelyce" he said blushing and smirking.


Do you think Kelyce is going to tell Vanessa about her date?

Do you think the boys are going to ask Niall about the date?

How do you think Kelyce's day at school will go, after her suspension?

Kik me for any feedback or if you want me to notify you when I update. kik; kk124hg

Sorry that I don't update much, school's been getting harder.


Love, Kelyce :)

P.S. Sorry it's so short.

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