Love Hurts (Niall Horan Fanfic)

My name is Kelyce.I'm 17 years old. I hate my life. My hearts been broken so many times that I don't trust anyone, but my sister. People at school bully me and my parents have deserted me. Left me and my little sister to fend for ourselves. I now struggle to live, to eat, to learn, and most of all to love.The only reason that I am still living and breathing is because of Vanessa. The only person that I really love and trust is my 11 year old sister, Vanessa. No one understands me except for Vanessa, and no one ever will.


5. Chapter 4

Kelyce's P.O.V

I got to school today and Tifanny was being annoying as usual. When I got to lunch I was getting ready to walk to my table, when Tiffany bumped into me and spilled her lunch all over me.

"What's wrong with you?!" I yelled at her.

"Nothing, what are you freaking out for? Your clothes are from the Thrift shop anyways" she said with an evil smirk.

"You little Bitch" I said to her.

"What are you gonna do, hit me?" she laughed.

I punched her straight in her nose. The whole lunchroom was silent by then. Then the principal came and of course I got in trouble because Tifanny was crying. But I really didn't care.

"So, why am I here?" I asked.

"Well you punched Ms.Prescot in her nose"

"She spilled her lunch on me, ON PURPOSE!" I yelled.

"There is no proof that she did that"

"Whatever, whats my punishment?"

"4 days of suspension, Have fun" she said grinning widely.

I walked out of the office while swinging my bag on my shoulder.

I walked down the hall to my locker and felt eyes all over me. I turned around to hear everyone whispering.

I walked to my next class not worrying about a thing, today was Monday, and I was suspended for the rest of the week. This weekend was the concert, at least I had something to look forward to.

After school was over I walked to the pharmacy and clocked in. I began to work, stocking and restocking shelves.

As soon as my shift was over, I walked home and Vanessa was on the couch sleeping.

I kissed her lightly on her forehead and carried her to our room. I laid her down on the bed and brushed the hair out her face.

I ran down the stairs and began making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I sat on the couch and began watching 'Jane by Design,' my all time favorite show.

I began watching episode after episode, till I finally drifted to sleep.


I woke up this morning knowing I had nothing to look forward too. I was off today and tomorrow, so today, I just decided to have a lazy day. After Vanessa left for school, I went downstairs and made French toast. I decided to have a lazy day today, so I sat down on the couch and put on Netflix. I put on the movie 'LOL'.


Today was a drag. I did nothing, but watch some movies and eat some ice cream.

Vanessa was on her way home, so I decided to make some lasagna.

When I finished making the lasagna I put it on the table.

When Vanessa came home we watched 'The Hunger Games' and ate the food.

She also gave me a little bit of background on One direction.

"So the blonde one is Niall Horan, and he's Irish?"

"Yup" she said popping the 'p'.

I decided it was time for bed at about 1:00 am.

We went upstairs and laid down.

"Thank you Kelyce"

"For what?"

"For everything"

And with that, we both drifted to sleep.


~*Saturday Morning*~

Vanessa's P.O.V

OMG! Today is the concert! I'm so excited! Can you spell lucky? Because that's how I feel right now!

Too bad Kelyce is still sleeping the concert starts at 7pm and our car comes at 6pm.

I can't wait!

Kelyce's P.O.V

I woke up this morning and turned to look at Vanessa and she wasn't there. I got up and went downstairs. She was on the couch watching 'Tom and Jerry'. I looked at the clock. It was 9:00 in the morning.

"Good Morning early bird" I said.

"Good morning" she said.

I ran upstairs to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I brushed my hair back into a high pony tail. I ran downstairs and sat on the couch with Vanessa.

"What you watching?" I asked.

"Tom and Jerry"

"Cool, are you ready for later?" I asked.

"Um, kinda"

I frowned at her.

"ARE U KIDDING I WAS BORN READY!" She said jumping on the couch.

"So, can I wear makeup?" She asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, but just a little bit"

"YAY!" She said.

"Lets go take out our clothes" she said pulling me off the couch.

I took out the 2 t-shirts I bought in Delia's the other day.

I took out a pair of my white short- shorts. Vanessa did the same, but her's was black.

I ran in the shower and washed myself. I let the warm water hit my skin.

When I got out, I dried my hair and curled them. I took one of my red bows and clipped one of the curls in my face back with it.

I curled Vanessa's hair too and she loved it. She put a black bow in her hair as well.

When we both got dressed we looked really nice. I have on my silver sequence toms. Vanessa had on a pair of sandals.

I told Vanessa to come and let me do her makeup. She came in the bathroom and hopped on top of the sink top.

I put black eyeshadow on her lids and a bit of eyeliner. She put on a bit of peach lip gloss and that was it.

I put on silver eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick.

When we were ready it was only, 5:45. We still had 15 minutes, so I checked if we had everything.

Vanessa was holding the poster. I had the tickets in my bag. I checked if I had my phone and my money. I checked if I had my extra makeup.

When I checked if I had my I.d., the doorbell rang.

"Vanessa lets go" I yelled to her.

She came running.

"How do I look?"she asked.

"Beautiful" I said.

"We got a one direction concert to get to, lets go!" she yelled.

On our way to the concert Vanessa was a bit jittery. She was so excited and I could tell.

When we got there I took out a twenty to pay the driver, but he stopped me.

"No need to, enjoy your show ma'am" he said with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you sir" I said.

We got out the car and looked at the sign. It read 'Madison Square Garden'.

Vanessa gasped at the sign.

We walked in, by the security and showed him the tickets.

"Enjoy, your show ma'am"

"Thanks" I said.

OMG Today is my birthday, both Vanessa and I forgot.

"Vanessa what's today?"

"June 6 Wh- OMG ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!" she said.

"Mhmm" I said shaking my head.

"Happy Birthday Kelyce"


We walked to the usher who showed us our seats. Front row.

It was now 6:55. They were coming out in 5 minutes, Vanessa is going to freak.

When they came out the crowd went wild.

"Hello guys" the curly haired one said. I think his name was Harry.

When Niall began to speak the crowd went crazy. He kept staring at me. I wonder why?

"Earth to Niall"the guy named Louis said waving his hand in front his face.

"Have any of you heard the song One Thing?"said Liam.

They began to sing. That song sounded kind of familiar. I think Vanessa would sing it in the shower.

When they started to sing Vanessa started to sing.

When Niall started singing his solo, he looked straight at me. Again, I wonder why? And so did that Harry guy.

Niall's P.O.V

In the crowd tonight, there was this beautiful girl. She sat in the front row, with what I think is her little sister.

She looked like she had a story to tell, something she wants to open up about.

But, Gosh was she beautiful!We began to sing one thing and for my solo I stared right her.

"Now I'm climbing the wall

But you won't notice at all

That I'm going out of mind

All day and all night"

Harry was staring at her too. No! Harry always gets the girls. This time, it's my turn.

Harry's P.O.V

This girl in the crowd, her beauty is unexplainable. She looks hurt though, stressed. I want to get to know her, but Niall's got her in his view already. I'm not going to fight Niall for her.

I think Niall, likes her.


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