Love Hurts (Niall Horan Fanfic)

My name is Kelyce.I'm 17 years old. I hate my life. My hearts been broken so many times that I don't trust anyone, but my sister. People at school bully me and my parents have deserted me. Left me and my little sister to fend for ourselves. I now struggle to live, to eat, to learn, and most of all to love.The only reason that I am still living and breathing is because of Vanessa. The only person that I really love and trust is my 11 year old sister, Vanessa. No one understands me except for Vanessa, and no one ever will.


3. Chapter 2

Kelyce's P.O.V

The bus pulled up to my stop and I got off. I took out my keys and unlocked the door.

"I'm home" I yell through the house. I looked for Vanessa in the living room. She wasn't there. I checked the kitchen and she was sitting there doing homework.

"Hey" she said, not looking up from her book.

"How was your day at school?" I asked her.

"Good. How was work?"

"Spectacular! Guess what I got?" I said grinning from ear to ear.

"Crazy pills" she said sarcastically.

I shot her a death glare. Then she began to chuckle.

"So whatcha get me" she asked.

"I got you tickets" I said smiling.

She looked at me confused. "What kind of tickets?"

"So, one of them is Irish, the others-" I said before she cut me off with her screaming.

She almost screamed her lungs out. I think I was going deaf right then and there. She finally stopped screaming.

"Thanks for making me deaf in the left ear" I said.

"Sorry, its just that I love them so much and I'm so excited."

"I can tell" I said sarcastically.

"So how'd you afford them" she said.

"What, you think I couldn't afford them"

"I don't think, I know" she said.

"How'd you get them?"

"I won them on the radio." I said.

"Oh,cool" she said with a slight smile.

"So when is it" she asked.

"Sometime in June, I'm getting the tickets in the mail next week." I said.

"You know this is your birthday gift right?" I asked.

"I know and I am very grateful, Thank you leyce, Love you" she said.

"You're welcome Nessa, love you too" I said.

"Now go finish your homework" I told her and pulled out my homework.

When I finished my homework, Vanessa was already done with her homework. She sat on the couch watching cartoons.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked her.

"Pizza!" she yelled back.

I ran to the phone and ordered the pizza. When the delivery man came I paid him, took the pizza, and set it on the table. We each took a 3 slices of pizza and sat down in the living room. We put on our favorite movie, 'How to eat fried worms' and fell asleep on the couch watching the movie.


*1 week later*

I ran out the door, and checked the mailbox. THEY WERE HERE! Vanessa is going to be thrilled. It is Saturday, so I'll show her the tickets and take her to the mall and get ice cream. She was still sleeping. It was her birthday, so I let her sleep. Today was May 30th.


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