Love Hurts (Niall Horan Fanfic)

My name is Kelyce.I'm 17 years old. I hate my life. My hearts been broken so many times that I don't trust anyone, but my sister. People at school bully me and my parents have deserted me. Left me and my little sister to fend for ourselves. I now struggle to live, to eat, to learn, and most of all to love.The only reason that I am still living and breathing is because of Vanessa. The only person that I really love and trust is my 11 year old sister, Vanessa. No one understands me except for Vanessa, and no one ever will.


2. Chapter 1.

Kelyce's P.O.V

Today was a Monday. A typical Monday. School and work. I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling. I felt Vanessa nestled into the crook of my neck. We shared the same bed because we couldn't afford 2.

It was 5:00 in the morning. I had a whole hour to sleep, but I was awake thinking. Thinking about my parents. Thinking about what my life would be like with them. Vanessa missed them too. I hate my parents. Them leaving us hurt me, but it probably felt 10 times worst to her.

I got up slowly, trying not to wake up Vanessa. I went in the bathroom and took a nice, long shower. When I got out, I brushed my light brown hair while it was still wet. I combed it back and left it out with my side bangs out. I took out a pink and green plaid shirt with skinny jeans and a under tank top. After I got dressed I went to the kitchen and took out the cereal and milk for Vanessa. I went back in our room and checked the time, 6:00.

"Vanessa, its time for you to wake up" I whispered in her ear. She groaned and then opened her eyes. She was so beautiful. She had jet black hair with hazel/green eyes. I had brown hair with blue/grey eyes. She got out of bed and got dressed, she wore the same thing I wore with her own little twist. She put her hair in a ballerina bun and went downstairs to eat. She sat down next to me and ate.

"Kelyce, can you sign my trip permission slip for me please?" she asked.

"To the zoo, um no" I said.

"Why not?"

"Because you're allergic to some of the animals"

"Please" she asked with puppy dog eyes.

"No is my final answer, now hurry up and eat so we can leave"

"It's not fair" she said with a pout face.

"Life isn't fair" I say.

When she finally finished eating , we both put on our yellow flats.

"Why are you dressed like me?" I ask with furrowed eyebrows.

"Because, I like your sense of style"

"Haha thanks"

When we get to the bus stop, I pull out my mp3 and put on 'Heart attack' by Demi Lovato.

"I wanna hear" Vanessa says.

"Hear listen to this" I said handing her an earbud.

"I like that song" she said rocking her head to the beat.

The bus came and we sat there laughing and talking about music. I loved my little sister. The bus then pulled up to her stop.

"I'll see you later, love you" I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too" she whispered in my ear while squeezing me into a tight hug.

It came to my stop at school and I got off the bus. I walked in school straight to my locker.

"Hey, loser, nice outfit" one girl said to me. All her friends snickered behind me. I turned around to see Tiffany. I rolled my eyes and walked away. She grabbed my arm.

"You did not just roll your little eyes at me" She said.

"Well maybe I did, Problem?" I said.

"Yes the problem is you losers go to this school" she said.

I pulled out her grip and walked to class.

After school, I went straight to work. Vanessa knew the rules while I wasn't home, so I never really worried. When I got there I went to the back, clocked in, and put my bag down. I put on my apron and went to the register. I signed into the register and started taking orders.

When it was my 15 minute break I sat down and picked up a magazine.

"I'm going to get you to meet them" I whispered to myself referring to Vanessa. I was talking about One Direction. I went on the computer and started searching for radio contests for concert tickets and backstage passes. Finally I found one! It was for Z100, you had to be the 100th caller. I turned on the computer to the radio station. I took my phone and put the number down.

After about 40 minutes of working, my shift was over and I could go home. I went and got my stuff and then left. While I was waiting at the bus stop, I called the radio station.

"Hello Z100, you are caller 100" the girl on the line said.

"Oh my gosh thank you" I said.

"No problem what's your name"

"My names Kelyce, Kelyce Archie"

"Well Kelyce you are 1 lucky gal"

"We will send you the information through text message" she said and hung up.

Vanessa will be thrilled when she finds out!



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