They don't know about us-Niall Horan fanfic

Niall didn't know what to expect when he fell in love with Delilah. He didn't know he would be falling in love with a girl who had a troubled past and a un certain future. Soon it becomes Niall's job to protect Delilah from her violent achlolic father, the public eye and herself......

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1. Chapter 1

"And mouse crawled into his hole and went to sleep....." I whispered and kissed Crystal on her forehead she was so beautiful when she slept. Her little button nose wriggled making her freckles dance and her mousy brown straight hair spread across her pillow. Why did she have to be born into such a cruel world? I grab his black hoody and tiptoe down the stairs. "Please don't let him be awake" I whispered praying. I tucked my curly dark blonde hair into my hoody and the step creeked. "Shit!" I sighed. I continued down the stairs and peeked into the living room. And their he was spread out on the couch. Belly hanging out of his t-shirt, shiny bald head, bottle of vodka in hard he was embrassing. "How could a ogur like that creat a gem like Crystal?" I thought to myself as I walked out the front door carefully. He was there. In his black hoody even the darkness of night couldn't hide his bright, white cheeky smile. "D" He said excitedly hugging me. "I missed you!" I embraced his warmth and his unmistakeable Niall smell. His presence was so kind, so warm and inviting. He kissed my cheek.

"I missed you too Niall!" I said tucking my head into his neck as we walked down my dark empty street.

"Did you get out ok?" He whispered in his cute little irish accent.

"Yeah he was asleep, hes been doing that lately hes been passing out and then being angry in the morning. But I try and make sure Crystal is out by then"

"I don't understand why the both of you don't live with me?"

"Because that means reporting him to the police, and he won't get done and he will come for me and Crystal again. Besides he hasn't hit in a while I have no proof also your going on tour soon"

"But..." He began

"No buts I don't wanna talk about this I haven't seen you in what has felt like forever lets just talk" I said placing my index finger onto his lips making him laugh. I loved his laugh. We reached the deserted playground. The dark trees at night used to scare me but I was never afraid when I was with Niall. He sat on his swing and I sat on his lap. He pulled me in and kissed me passionatly. I looked into his light blue eyes and I felt safe I felt at home. Niall soon became my world......

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