Truly, Madly, Deeply

Being Louis Tomlinson's half-sister can be quite hard. Steph Tomlinson, Louis' half-sister, realizes that when her parents divorced when she was 7, and when her mom died of cancer when she was 13, that life goes on even though you have no one. When she moved to London to move on about her past life, she meets Niall Horan and they fall deeply in love. Will Steph be happy again?


4. Worst Day Ever

2 Months Later


It's officially September, which means it's back to school. I'm not really looking forward to school. And I just realized that it's been two months since I've talked or seen Philip. I really feel bad for what I did and I wish I could talk to him. When I got to school, I saw some familiar faces and some new faces. As I was walking down the hallway, I saw Philip with his arms around a girl's waist and not to mention, he was nibbling on her ear. Jealousy got the best of me, so I went to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I bawled my eyes out for about 5 minutes then wentto my first class. I saw some older girls staring at me and giggling at the same time. "Hey twerp. Why are you crying? You miss your mom?", said Stacy. She's really really mean especially to me. But at this exact moment, all I'm thinking about is that how she find out my mom was dead. "How'd you know my mom was dead?", I asked. "Philip's girlfriend told me. They were having a conversation, but Philip brought you up. So she got curious and asked about you. Why what's the matter shrimp, you gonna cry again?", she taunted me. I just left like nothing happened, but on the inside I was hurt. This day is enough for me. First, finding ot that my crush has a girlfriend and now, the whole school finding out about my mom's death. Well maybe not the whole school, but with a girl like Stacy, she spreads rumor fast. After a horrible day at school, I went to work. Yes, I have a job. And that is working as a barista at Starbucks. When I hot there, my boss started yelling at me for being 5 minutes late. I really just want this day to end. After 4 hours that seemed like hell, I went home and made myself some dinner. I wish I have a friend. A friend that never leaves. Thinking about that, I decided to call my half-brother Louis. He has some family members there for him, and I'm here in New York, having one of the worst days of my life. Louis is older than me like 2 years older. My dad married his mom and had him. Then they split up and my dad married my mom and had me. Then he left us, and that's why I'm sitting here all alone. He probably went back to the UK. I met Louis a few months before mom and dad's divorce. Dad got me plane tickets to go to DisneyLand. We ran into Louis and his mom and things got awkward. Dad introduced me to both of them, then me and Louis became instant friends. We still keep in touch through these years.

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