Truly, Madly, Deeply

Being Louis Tomlinson's half-sister can be quite hard. Steph Tomlinson, Louis' half-sister, realizes that when her parents divorced when she was 7, and when her mom died of cancer when she was 13, that life goes on even though you have no one. When she moved to London to move on about her past life, she meets Niall Horan and they fall deeply in love. Will Steph be happy again?


27. How Do You Know

"Niall.", I said sternly. "Please don't leave. I didn't mean what I said.", I said crying again. Niall smiled and responded with a kiss. "I'm glad to hear that babe. I apologize for everything I did.", he said with a smile on his face. It was yet another few minutes of silence, until he started talking again. "So... Um, do you wanna get back together?", he asked. I thought about this one really really hard, and Niall noticed the look in my eyes, so he gave me a few minutes to decide. As I was gonna tell him my answer, Louis bursted in the door, and gave me a hug. He smiled at Niall, and told me that he wants to talk to me privately. Niall got the hint, so he left for a few minutes. Louis and I were talking, and I brought up the topic about me getting back together with Niall. By the look on Louis' face, he was quite disappointed that I brought this up. "Steph, if you want to get back with him, you won't have enough time.", he said with sadness in his eyes, and at the same time looking down at the ground. "How do you know?", I said with a little anger in my tone of voice. "I talked to the doctor, and he said that after a few chemo sessions, you might lose your hair, and considering the fact that you have a tumor, he thinks that this will speed up the process of your de---", he said. He didn't finish what he was saying cuz I cutted him off by responding, "No! You don't know that! He doesn't know that! What do you think he is? Some sort of a fortune teller?" Louis raised his voice and said, "Goodness Steph! Just listen to me, and listen good. I don't want you to suffer like your mother did! I care for you. If you date Niall, bringing this up again, but, if you date him, he will just be broken, hurt, sad, depressed, and disappointed. If he remains to stay depressed after your death, it will make him numb, which can make him stop doing his job, which is in fact, performing with us. And if Niall stops performing, there wouldn't be One Direction! We don't want to disappoint our fans. Think of our fans. Sure, you may be happy when you're with Niall at this point in time, but when you're gone, will he be happy? No, I don't frankly think so. I think it would just hurt his feelings. I'm not trying to stop you, but Steph, think of the consequences." I was getting sick of his damn attitude, and his damn lecture. When he finally shutted up, I started talking. "You're right. You don't want me to suffer like how my mom did. Also, I don't wanna hurt Niall. I mean, it's easier just to say no to him, it's just gonna hurt him a little bit, but when I die, it's gonna hurt him even more. But Louis, you just think about yourself, your band, your career, but not me? Your half-sister? Well, you're a good brother. I know that your career is important to you, but am I not important to you? Are you just gonna turn me down, and make a conclusion like that? Louis, how do you know? How do you fucking know that Niall will mope for a long time, and refuse to do concerts with you? Louis fucking Tomlinson, how do you know?", I asked angrily, but I was crying more than ever. Before he could respond, a nurse came in and said that visiting hours are over, so Louis had to leave. When the nurse left, Louis finished his reply, "Steph, I'm not turning you down, or nor will I ever. Remember that, as for now, I have to go. Have some rest, and forget about your problems. I'll probably come again and visit you when I have time.". Louis left and I was all alone in the silent hospital room.

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