Truly, Madly, Deeply

Being Louis Tomlinson's half-sister can be quite hard. Steph Tomlinson, Louis' half-sister, realizes that when her parents divorced when she was 7, and when her mom died of cancer when she was 13, that life goes on even though you have no one. When she moved to London to move on about her past life, she meets Niall Horan and they fall deeply in love. Will Steph be happy again?


14. Going to Mullingar

I woke up to the sound of Niall cooking some sizzling bacon. "Good morning love!", he greeted me cheerfully. "Good mornig to you too handsome.", I replied. We both took our seats and chomped down on our breakfast. It was an awkward 5 minute silence until Niall spoke up. "Hey babe," Niall started. "Yeah?", you replied. "... do you wanna probably meet my parents? I know it hasn't been a long time, but I want you to get to know my family as they do the same for you.", he finished off. "Sure babe. I would love to!", I said happily. "Great! Do you wanna leave tonight babe?", he asked me. I nodded my head in response. He gave me a good look and went upstairs to pack. After he's done packing, he drove me to Lou and El's house for my stuff. After for what seems like forever to pack, we managed and got to the airport on time for our scheduled flight.

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