Truly, Madly, Deeply

Being Louis Tomlinson's half-sister can be quite hard. Steph Tomlinson, Louis' half-sister, realizes that when her parents divorced when she was 7, and when her mom died of cancer when she was 13, that life goes on even though you have no one. When she moved to London to move on about her past life, she meets Niall Horan and they fall deeply in love. Will Steph be happy again?


3. First Kiss

My aunt has to go back to her house in New Jersey, but she did promise to visit me every 2 days, because she's usually buy with work. She lives alone in New Jersey. No husband and no kids, so she doesn't really have to worry that much. I came to summercamp the next day and nothing new really happened. I spotted my crush Philip. He's really really cute, mainly because of his French accent. He's a foreign exchange student from France. We go to the same school and he's also in the same summercamp as me, so that's a plus. I just sat on the grass enjoying the calm summer breeze when he sat beside me. "Anything bothering you Steph?", he asked with a really concerned expression on his face. After I told him everything, he gave me a hug. "It's gonna be okay. I'm here for you.", he said with a smile. "Thanks.", I told him. A few hours passed by and we were asked to make a fire. We made s'mores and then we were asked to share our week. Ignoring the fact that my mom died this week, I left the group circle. Philip follwed me and that's when the tears came. He hugged me which made me stop crying. He looked into my eyes and leaned it to kiss me. I didn't know what to do, so I kissed back. After a few more seconds, we pulled away. I avoided eye contact with him, and he did the same with me too. Things between us just got awkward.

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