Truly, Madly, Deeply

Being Louis Tomlinson's half-sister can be quite hard. Steph Tomlinson, Louis' half-sister, realizes that when her parents divorced when she was 7, and when her mom died of cancer when she was 13, that life goes on even though you have no one. When she moved to London to move on about her past life, she meets Niall Horan and they fall deeply in love. Will Steph be happy again?


25. Bad News

The minute, I woke up, I had a horrible headache. I took some Advil, but the Advil made it worst, so I went to the doctor. The doctor took a lot of exams on me, and after for what seemed like forever, he came out of his office with a disappointed look on his face. "What is it Doc?", I asked. "Um. Steph. I'm afraid I have bad news.", he said. "Um. Okay?", I asked confused. "Steph darling, we found a tumor in your brain. I'm afraid it's getting worse. We are also gonna diagnose you with stage 4 breast cancer. I'm sorry sweetie.", he said sadly. I can't help but break down and cry. I talked to the doctor for a few minutes, and he said that I'm gonna have to stay here to do chemotherapy everyday. I called Louis, El, Dani, Perrie, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. They quickly rushed to the hospital to find me lying on the bed. They all comforted me by bringing fruit baskets and flowers. Harry told everyone that me and him have to talk, so everyone left. He started off, "Steph, I know you don't want me to bring this up, but Niall and I were talking about you last night. Listen, Zoe got mad at Niall and said that since Niall still isn't over you, she's breaking up with him. They broke up last night at the concert. Niall is hurt, would you mind taking him back?" I said, "Please bring him here." A few minutes later, a messy-haired, puffy-eyed Niall came. 

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