This is my fanfiction of Austin and Ally called brothers & Butter Ally's brother Adam returns from music school after three years but doesn't like Austin so he tries to break them up and Dez gets his head stuck in a bucket Trish tries to get him out with butter


2. Violins & Violetta

Adam: (on the phone with Trish) Hey Trish can you come help Dez get his head out of a bucket I have to wright a song with Austin and Ally 

Trish: Dez got his head stuck in a bucket! (Sighs) idiot 

Adam: I know just get over here ( Hangs up)

(goes to the practice room)

Ally: okay Adam the song is called dynamite 

Adam: that's awesome but hey Als remember your old crush Dallas 

Ally: yeah why? 

Adam: I saw him the other day he said he love do date a very pretty Ally Dawson 

Ally: too bad because I already have a great boyfriend 

(Austin comes in) 

Austin: Ally a girl named Violetta is here for her piano 

Ally: okay

(they all go downstairs) 

Violetta: (Spanish accent) hello Ally 

Ally: hi Violetta I have your piano over here 

Adam:(whispering to Austin) she's pretty hot maybe you should ask her out 

Austin: why would you want me to ask another girl out when I'm dating your sister 

Adam: maybe I don't want you to date her I' watching you Austin 

(Adam leaves)

Austin: me and Ally need to talk about this

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