This is my fanfiction of Austin and Ally called brothers & Butter Ally's brother Adam returns from music school after three years but doesn't like Austin so he tries to break them up and Dez gets his head stuck in a bucket Trish tries to get him out with butter


3. Tubs of talking and tubs of butter

Trish: okay Dez I brought three tubs of butter so lets try this 

Dez: mmmmm 

Trish: shut up! (Starts rubbing butter on his face)

(goes to the practice room) 

Austin: Ally can we talk? 

Ally: sure about what 

Austin: Adam he tried to get me to ask Violetta out

Ally: yeah and he said Dallas wanted to date me

Austin: he better stay away from you

Ally: he will I think we need to discuss things with Adam

Austin: lets go

(They leave)

Ally: Adam can we talk to you 

Adam: sure what's up 

Ally: have you been trying to break us up? 

Adam: whaaaat no

Ally: quit lying 

Adam: fine yes I have I just don't want him to break your heart Ally 

Austin: I would never do that to Ally 

Adam: sorry guys ( holds  out his hand) friends? 

Austin: ( shakes his hand) friends

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