This is my fanfiction of Austin and Ally called brothers & Butter Ally's brother Adam returns from music school after three years but doesn't like Austin so he tries to break them up and Dez gets his head stuck in a bucket Trish tries to get him out with butter


4. Dynamite & Dez is out

(Austin leaves) 

Adam: I still don't like this idea but if he makes you happy then I'm happy too 

Ally: thanks Adam 

(they hug) 

(Trish walks in) 

Trish: guess who got Dez's head out of a bucket 

(Dez walks in) 

Dez: she did!  

Ally: guys we don't have time for this we need to Austin to Jimmy's party 

Trish: lets go

(Goes to Jimmy's party) 

Austin: hey guys this is a new song by my girlfriend and partner Ally Dawson and violin by her brother Adam Dawson okay guys I present Dynamite   

(He sings the song)

Ally: Austin that was great congrats kiss! 

(They kiss) 

Adam: remember Austin I'm still watching you 


okay that was my Austin&Ally fanfiction I don't own Austin & Ally or Dynamite by china ann mcclain but I do own Adam Dawson and Violetta next one is called Middle names & name calling 

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