This is my fanfiction of Austin and Ally called brothers & Butter Ally's brother Adam returns from music school after three years but doesn't like Austin so he tries to break them up and Dez gets his head stuck in a bucket Trish tries to get him out with butter


1. Adams back

Adam: guess who's back from music school

Ally: Adam! 

(They hug)

Ally: you sounded like Trish when you came in 

Austin: Ally who's this 

Ally: Austin this my little brother Adam 

Adam: and you must be Austin the boyfriend and over night Internet sensation 

Austin: that's me 

Ally: Austin did you know that Adam plays violin

Austin: that's awesome! We need a violin for our new song 

Adam: then I'm your man 

(Austin leaves) 

Adam: Ally why are you dating him? 

Ally: because Adam we love each other 

Adam: yeah for now but Ally once Austin's career takes off he just gonna leave you in the dust

Ally: I can't believe you would say that 

(Ally leaves)

(Dez runs in with a bucket on his head) 

Dez: help! There's a bucket on my head 

Adam: man Ally was right Dez is dumb 

(Adam thinks to himself "I have to break them up") 


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