The passing of a person that you truly love can cause pain but when Niall and Amy meet each other does that pain stay or go away?


4. torn

Amy's pov-

i woke up in what looked like a king size bed as i stood up i noticed a gorgeous guitar sitting next to the bed , i grabbed and decided to play "torn".

"im all out of faith , this is how i feel, im cold and im ashamed lying naked on the floor, illusions never change into something real, im wide awake and i can see th sky is torn , your a little late ,im already torn ,torn."

as I hit the last cord I heard a thick Irish voice complimenting me and telling me that I had a beautiful voice . I soon started to blush witch made Niall blush , I then asked him how long he had been sitting there "I've been sitting here sense I put you down on my bed ,you looked pretty tired" I said "ohh" Niall  started to blush and then again he commented on how he thought my voice was beautiful ,I asked my self why he would be blushing .....but then I just pushed it aside as he asked me if I wanted to take a shower, I nodded and tried to get out of bed as I swung my leg over the side I saw that my ankle was all wrapped up and taken care of .Niall noticed me staring at my ankle and said "I patched it up for ya" I thanked him and he helped me to the bathroom ,once again I thanked him thinking to my self of how much Niall was helping me an he barely knew me . I was taken out of my train of thought at Niall clapping and saying "I will leave ya to it" as Niall walked out I limped over towards the mirror in pain,not as much as I was before ,Niall patched it up pretty well. As I striped down in front of the massive mirror I let out a sigh and then turned around and headed toward the shower got in and let my hair soak under the hot water.


Niall's pov-

when Amy sang it was like like Angels singing I though to my self she was a pretty good at playing guitar better than me I couldn't stop thinking about her she was so beautiful I just feel like I need to take care of her and i feel like i have to her in my arms safe and sound at all times ..... I can't believe this I'm actually falling in love I thought to my self I smiled at the thought of Amy, I lied back on the bed and just let out a small whisper under my breath assuring my self that I will make her my one and only.



i am so sorry Nialls part was so short I kinda fixed up my story after I found my journal so as I type I'm using some of the things I had originally written with some new ideas .....

by the way I need some new ideas for a new character that I might want to add so ya can u leave your name ,hair color ,eye color and just some things that can describe yourself ok so thanks (now let's get back to the story)


Amy's pov-

i envoy's Niall for having such a big shower what I really liked was that the skidding doors for the shower were black because I'm really insecure so it would be terrifying if Niall saw me I stood with my back toward the shower head almost finishing up my shower Niall walked in and asked me to sing Torn again because he really liked that song so I did when I finished I had the courage to ask him if he was taking a wee , he laughed and said "no I'm just getting some sweats out from my closet , I don't like that my closet is in the bathroom" I laughed and he said walking out that I could go into his closet and get some sweats after I finished taking a shower ,I didn't hear the door close so I just stood there quite and then I heard a clink "I got you my blue crutches so you don't have to struggle as much I also got you a towel" he said. I thanked him and he walked out , as soon as he closed the door I turned of the water wrapped the towel around my body and grabbed the famous blue crutches and headed toward Niall closet 





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