The passing of a person that you truly love can cause pain but when Niall and Amy meet each other does that pain stay or go away?


2. Shadows and sunshine

Amy's pov-

 I ran thru the woods not knowing we're I was going all of the sudden i fell over a branch , I laid there on the forest ground in pain from my freshly wounded ankle thinking why Katherine had risked her life and gave it away for me. As I cried there in pain I heard a rustling sound I was scared the only light in the forest was sunshine that crept thru two dead trees the rest was pitch black. As the rustling noise crept closer the shadow got bigger and bigger a manly figured appeared the sunlight that was peeking thru the trees gave me a glimpse all I needed was a glimpse of his face and it was beautiful.

Niall's pov-

 as I ran thru the forest further and further away from my brothers funeral I heard crying witch was strange knowing that I was far away from the cemetery I decided to follow the noise and find out we're that beautiful cry was coming from , as I creeped I saw a stream of light I decided to go look at it for a quick second and there I found were that beautiful cry had come from. It was a gorgeous blonde haired girl  she seemed oddly short witch was kinda cute in my opinion i just wanted her to be my princess and I would do anything for her to be mine , I might have started believing at love at first sight when I saw her , maybe it was real .

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